5 Tips on How to Do Everything Before Deadlines

Most people had situations when they had too many tasks which they had to complete to a particular date. As a result, these tasks fill all your free time and you don’t have a minute to play at https://playamocasino.bet/au/.
These tips will help you avoid dealing with such troubles.

Use Online Scheduling Platforms

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You need a service that lets you not just make a to-do list but also set a deadline for a particular task. So, by going to your office every day, you will see which tasks need to be done today, and which can wait until tomorrow if you can’t get them done today. Well, if you don’t do the work on time, the service will overburden you by sending you an email every day about an overdue assignment. And it will force you to complete this task.

Just remember that everything should be fair. You will not deceive anyone but yourself by lying to the program and putting a checkmark on a task that you have not even taken on yet. No need to do yourself a disservice.

There are many platforms for planning your schedule. They are free. Yet, you have to pay for your subscription to access extra features.

MyLifeOrganized is an app with a light interface that supports all the functions of a good quality task planner: creating lists, adding subtasks, notes, tags, and reminders.

Unfortunately, you can’t create multiple to-do lists or discuss tasks with colleagues inside MyLifeOrganized. If you have a lot of tasks, you’d better choose some other solution. But if you need an uncluttered program for planning your personal tasks, you may like MyLifeOrganized.

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Moreover, it will remind you when you are at a certain place. There is support for managing tasks using gestures.

In Notion, you can create to-do lists and time schedules, create your own database, manage projects and organize tasks.

The notion has a lot of organization and design features built-in. If you are ready to spend time to understand all the features of the service, it will successfully replace Evernote and Google Docs. The developers have created dozens of templates for the most common tasks. You can create templates yourself and share them with other users.

Trello is useful for working on projects in small teams. It is also good for personal to-do planning. In this app, you can create a virtual whiteboard with cards, add participants, labels, checklist, due date, attachments, and change the cover.

One of the most interesting features of the app is the ability to integrate extra tools (Dropbox, Slack, Evernote, Twitter, and dozens of others). There are a lot of them, but all of them are divided into categories, it will not be difficult to find the right one.

Make Several Plans

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Life is prone to give us quite unexpected surprises. Moreover, sometimes they are not the most pleasant. So, always think about alternative methods of execution of your task. It is better to be reinsured in advance, coming up with different options than to tear the hair on your back if something happens.

Surely many of you had a professor at college who considered only your death as a valid reason for absenteeism. Now, you must become that professor for yourself. You don’t have to make excuses if something went wrong and you didn’t have time to do your job. You must do what you have to do, no matter what.

Remove All Distractions

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Of course, this is trivial advice, and everyone knows about it. So, why doesn’t almost anyone use it?

If something prevents you from working properly, get rid of it. Turn off your phone, go to work in coworking areas. Buy earplugs and plug your ears. So, you do not interfere with the extraneous sounds. Ask your family, after all, to assume you are not at home if you work remotely. Tell an annoying coworker to leave you alone. Do whatever you can to remove distractions. Well, if that’s not enough, it’s probably your laziness that’s the main factor that’s bothering you.

Yet, some thoughts are so intrusive that it’s hard to get rid of them. If you can’t stop thinking about something, just put it off until later. Make a habit of taking notes for distractions. Allocate a few pages of a notebook or a separate file on your computer, and put everything that comes into your head into it.

There is an interesting psychological factor here. When you write down what you want to do, but do not have the opportunity to do it now, you put it on the list of postponed for a while. The brain begins to see it as another item on the plan to be done. Subconsciously you will understand that soon you will do it, and thoughts on the subject will cease to be so intrusive.

Don’t Increase the Time

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If you give yourself twice as much time to do the thing you’re capable of doing in an hour, you’ll spend all of two hours on it. Knowing that there is plenty of time ahead, we allow ourselves to relax and slow down. Thus, we delay the process, and there’s a good chance that we won’t get the task done in three hours. Don’t give yourself too much time to get the job done.

Remember to Relax

You need to replenish your energy by resting or doing things you enjoy. When you fill your days with tasks, try to distribute them in such a way that your energy expenditure is interspersed with recharging. Only you know what exactly makes you feel that way. Some people sometimes should run a few miles. Others need to listen to music alone. Others just want to lie on the couch with a book.

Don’t think that you are wasting your time. This approach will not only allow you to be productive for a certain period but build a harmonious lifestyle. So, you will get even more productive and will do everything in time.

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