Introduction To Crypto Live Casinos

It might seem like a big hassle if you have never played live casino games with cryptocurrencies. In reality, it is simple and fun, and you can get started in no time once you know the basics.

Check out our quick introduction to crypto live casinos, and you’ll know everything you need to start playing.

What Are Live Casinos?

The live casino forms a part of an online casino’s game selection, which is separate from slots and other virtual games. The difference is that the games are played in real-time with a real dealer at a live casino.

The games are streamed from a studio or, in some cases, from an actual casino, using real roulette tables, card decks, and other equipment. There is usually the chance to chat with other players and send messages to the dealers, so live casino games are more social and interactive than other casino games.

How Do Crypto Live Casinos Work?


Crypto live casinos are not that much different from the standard live casino – the main difference is that you can deposit cryptos and withdraw your potential winnings in your preferred cryptocurrency. For additional information have a look at this guide.

All you need to do to get started is find a casino, register an account, and make a deposit. It’s good to note that usually, you cannot play live games in demo mode, so you need to deposit to play.

Once you have registered and made your first deposit in your preferred cryptocurrency, your deposit needs to be converted into a fiat currency before you can start playing. Some crypto live casinos might allow bets with some cryptocurrencies, but these sites are not yet that common.

Game developers have started creating more and more crypto games over the past few years, but so far, the focus has mainly been on slots. Thanks to the increasing popularity of live casinos, it will probably not take long until some game studios start developing fully crypto-compliant live casino games.

Most Common Live Casino Games


The first live casinos did not have a spectacular game selection – in fact, the first iterations only had a few classic table games available. You can still find the classics on live casino sites, but in addition to them, there are plenty of other games to choose from, too.


Roulette is probably the most famous casino game in the world. Therefore, it should be no surprise that it is also one of the most popular games at online casinos, and you can find different types of roulettes at virtually any live casino.

On top of the traditional European and American roulettes, crypto live casinos also offer special roulettes, such as Lightning Roulette. If you want to hit potentially massive winnings, check out some of the special versions.


Baccarat is one of the most iconic table games, also known as the favorite of James Bond in Ian Fleming’s books. Baccarat is a relatively simple game, so you’ll learn the rules quickly even if you have never played it before.

The game’s objective is to predict which one, the player or the banker, will have a hand closer to nine points or if the result is a draw. If you bet your cryptos on the correct outcome, you win. Simple!



Blackjack is a fast-paced, exciting, and potentially lucrative game. It’s one of the few casino games where skills matter, as it’s not all about luck. The game’s objective is to beat the dealer by getting a hand closer to 21 points without going over.

Blackjack is right up there among the most well-known casino games, and it remains one of the most popular games at crypto live casinos as well. You can try special variations at many live casinos if you want to mix things up.


Live casino poker differs from the more traditional online poker because, in live casino games, you don’t play against other players – even though others might be playing simultaneously. Instead, you play against the dealer.

Live casino poker games come in many forms, such as Caribbean Stud, Three Card Poker, and the all-time favorite Casino Hold’Em. Live casino poker is an excellent alternative to video poker if you want to mix things up a bit.

Game Shows

Live casino game shows have become very popular over the past few years. These games combine the action and entertainment of TV shows, and the excitement and winning potential of casino games.

Some of the most popular game shows include Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, Mega Wheel, and Deal Or No Deal. The number of these games is likely to keep growing, so only the game developers’ imagination is the limit.

Things you need to know about crypto


Cryptocurrencies have been found to be a lot more convenient when it comes to online payments, and in the future, they will probably be used a lot more for these purposes. However, if you choose to use them in order to gamble in live casinos, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of.

  • Not all of them offer the same transaction speed. Gambling will require you to have a decent transaction speed, and your choice of a coin will influence this, since not every coin has the same transaction speed. For this purpose, it is best to use Litecoin, since its main characteristic is a huge transaction speed, in comparison to other coins. Another perk of using it are the low commission fees when depositing and withdrawing your funds from a live casino. Volatility is not so high, also. All of this makes this coin perfect for gambling activity.
  • You want to gamble with those coins that offer the most privacy and security. This depends on the platform they are made in. For example, Ethereum is made in such a way to be focused on anonymity, low commissions, privacy, and security. Also, it was designed on its own network, which has way lower commissions compared to, for example, the all-time favorite Bitcoin platform.
  • You want to gamble with those currencies that are accepted by most casinos. When we speak about payments for goods and services in general, one has to admit that not a lot of coins can beat Bitcoin. It is accepted by almost every platform that offers crypto payments, hence might be the safest to use for gambling. It is also free from depending on the exchange rates of the traditional currencies. So, there are a lot of reasons you should consider gambling with Bitcoin.

After all, that’s said and done, one has to admit that the biggest perk of gambling with crypto is the fact that they offer anonymity. You can choose to stay hidden from the prying eyes of other players, while your personal data are all kept a secret.

Gamblers who use these coins are doing it because they would like to avoid fiat currencies. They see them as too slow, too expensive, and not so reliable. On the other hand, they like using crypto because of the fact that they are not controlled by any authority, but their control is in the hands of the millions of users participating in the blockchain network. Because of this very reason, they are immune to inflation.

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