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DEW Associates Corporation is not one of the largest computer manufacturers in the United States, nor do we want to be. The people and families behind DEW Associates Corporation, and it’s affiliate Systems Technologies “SysTech”™, take pride and satisfaction in knowing that every system or component that has left our facilities has been thoroughly tested and meets our stringent testing standards. OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers) purchase what is more commonly referred to as “white box” or non-retail components by the hundreds, thousands and more. Rarely does an OEM stress test these components under the same or more vigorous conditions than that of the end user, but we do. We test every system in the same manner as it was designed to be used. Our pre-release burn in testing is second to none!

In an era where quality and service is seriously lacking, and where most products are designed around their having a short life span, we emphasize both “quality” and “service”. As you move through this site, you will note that we do not use no-name products, nor do we attempt any shortcuts during the assembly and testing process. This guarantees to you, the purchaser, that the quality has truly been built in! 


Our product lines include:

  • Desktop, Mini-Tower, Mid-Tower, Tower and Tall Tower computers and work stations.

  • We have custom servers for small business, as well as large intranet networks, wide area networks, Internet Information Servers, Web Servers, Mail Servers and full Enterprise Servers.

  • In addition to the personal computers, work stations and servers that we build to customer specification, we also provide a full line of components, such as cases, power supplies, motherboards, CPU’s, memory, cables, hard drives, CD-Rom drives, floppy drive, CD writers and re-writers, sound cards, modems, SCSI cards, RAID cards, adapters plus a whole lot more!

The company began operations in 1978 as a family owned, family operated business involved in the avionics and cabling fields. In 1984, as advances in computers emerged, the company began focusing on small networks using components manufactured by others, such as Wang and DEC. In 1990 the company began to focus on providing custom services for its customers, which included the custom manufacturing of personal computers, work stations and servers.

Our primary facilities are located in New Jersey, however we have services facilities and affiliates located in California, Colorado, Georgia, New York, Ohio and Texas.

         If you build it, build it well and put your name on it!

About Dewwa Socc

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