loadhigh MS-DOS Command

Type: Internal (5.0 and later)


LOADHIGH (LH) [d:][path]filename [parameters]

Purpose: Loads memory resident application into reserved area of memory (between 640K-1M).


Tells DOS to load the specified program into the upper portion of memory. This increases the memory available for use by programs. You can use the LOADHIGH command with the DOSKEY, DOSSHELL, KEYB, GRAPHICS, NLSFUNC, MODE, SHARE, PRINT, and APPEND commands.


LOADHIGH requires a computer with 350K bytes of extended memory. If you are using a computer that has a 386 or 486 microprocessor, you should specify the EMM386.EXE device driver in your CONFIG.SYS configuration file (refer to Chapter 6, Tips for Advanced Users, for more information about using the CONFIG.SYS configuration file).


To load the DOS Shell into high memory, enter loadhigh dosshell

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