Discord Servers: List of Popular Types

Discord is a free voice and text chat service that works like an app. Initially designed for gamers, it has become popular with online communities, businesses, and even politicians.

Some of the most popular types of Discord Servers that are listed on this website are listed below.

1. Gaming Discord Servers


Discord is a popular chat platform among gamers. The statistics show that there are over 50 million servers, with almost half of them being active, and people from all over the world use them.

They offer a great way for gamers to keep in touch with their friends and avoid an awkward phone call or text. It’s also a way for people to create communities based on shared interests. One particular place, “Fortnite Discord”, has been very popular among Fortnite players who want a place where they can strategize and play the game together.

These have been steadily growing in popularity as more content creators move from YouTube to gaming channels because they allow for stronger control over their content and audience reach. To check out a bunch of other gaming discord servers click here.

2. Minecraft Discord Servers

Minecraft is an open-world game with an uncountable number of active players. With the release of its latest iteration, it became more popular than ever. Since then, Discord has become one of the most prominent ways for people to connect with one another.

Minecraft sites are still in their infancy but are already quite popular among the older generations of players. These servers have the features that we love about Minecraft communities – they offer a wide range of content and they embrace collaboration within their community.

3. Programming Discord Servers


With the rise in the popularity of coding, there are now many platforms that provide instant access to people who want to learn how to code. These servers are one of these platforms that can be used for free by anyone looking for a place to ask coding questions and get help.

The most popular topics in these communities are general programming-related questions, JavaScript development, Python development, and Node.js development. But there are also many other topics like Ruby on Rails, C++ with Qt Framework application development, or iOS app development.

This is an online platform where you can ask your coding-related questions and get immediate feedback from experienced coders around the world!

4. Music Discord Servers

They are primarily used by the DJs, producers, sound engineers, and other people who are involved in the music industry. When you join one of these, you’ll be able to search for songs to remix or create with other members of the server.

Such servers are becoming more prevalent in the music industry. The use of Discord, which is a line-based chat service, has made it easier for artists to maintain their accounts and to post content on social media.

5. YouTuber Discord Servers


Many YouTubers have a Discord where they can communicate with their fans and interact with them. This is because it provides a lot of benefits from the platform. It’s easier for them to connect with their audience, interact and build trust.

YouTube has been known to be heavily focused on the mobile app. In order to maintain their user base, they need to provide content that is easy to access on mobile devices. They also need tools that are available on all platforms.

6. NSFW Discord Servers

These places are a huge boon to people who like to stay away from the regular communities, they provide a sense of belonging for people who often don’t feel isolated.

It is one of the largest text and voice chat programs on the market. It has quickly become one of the favorite tools for gamers, as it allows them to stay connected with their friends while they play.

Whether you are looking for your next new community or just want to have some fun, these servers have got you covered.

7. Trading Discord Servers


Trading has become a popular trend. There are some traders who make their entire life using discords and they do not leave it for even an hour. There are also some traders who enjoy trading here and using them as a community to share information.

Discord is one of the most used chat applications by users across the world with over 500 million users. It has become an integral part of people’s lives due to its various features like text, voice, video, file sharing, etc.

The popularity of discord for trading is increasing rapidly due to its low barrier to entry and ease of use.

8. Furry Discord Servers

They are a space for furries to have fun. They can roleplay with other furries, interact, and connect with each other. These servers offer a great opportunity for new friends and potential connections in the furry community

They were created by furries who wanted to have a place where they could talk about their interests and share their creativity with each other. For those who want to make friends in the fandom, these servers are a great place to start!

9. Emoji Discord Servers


Emojis are an important part of our daily online life. We use them to express ourselves and to communicate with others in chat applications like Discord. There are many servers dedicated to Emojis. You can join one of these servers to find the best ones for you!

Emojis servers offer various settings for emoji users like custom emotes, emoji reactions, and voice channels. These servers also allow you to chat with people around the world just by using your emojis!

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