How Engagement Rings Have Changed Throughout The Years?

Marriage is an event in people’s lives that is extremely crucial to them as this is the occasion of their lives for which they wait for more than three decades of their lives. So people try their best to make this occasion memorable, so each time they sit on the rocking chair in their living room, they are reminded that they had the most beautiful moments of their life.

And to make these moments more memorable, the people present their partners with gifts and souvenirs, including rings, pieces of jewelry, and many more. Amidst these all occasions, engagement is an important event, so we will discuss the evolution of engagement rings and their value in this article.

We do not have an idea of the ring shared by the people before the metals were discovered, and the refining process was known to a common man. So we can just assume that before that, people used to provide each other with wooden rings with flowers placed all around them which was a lot more romantic and inexpensive.

But first, with moving centuries, then with moving decades, new engagement rings came into view; these rings are significant proof of continuous development over the years.



The noble metal gold has been ruling the globe for generations; huge battles and wars were fought just to own this gold. So when this metal was such an important part of society, people used it to express their love and emotions, and people mostly did this by presenting gold in the form of ornaments.

So the earliest known rings are made up of gold, the gold used in the rings is not completely refined, but compared to the advancement in that era, it was a great success. Those gold rings were the symbol of the strong bond between the partners. The first known rings were made of gold, but in some tribal settlements, the rings found are made up of skulls shaped in a ring.

The core material of both the rings is different, but they share the common objective and symbol of love.


Later in the years, when Rome was turning to be a great power in the world, it was the place where all the great geniuses of the world lived. Along with these geniuses lived the people who laid the pillars for art and designs, so the rings made in Rome were unique, and each ring was imprinted with a symbol. These symbols bore the meanings which would send a message from one partner to another.

So another evolution of rings was seen in Rome, where designers used their skills to provide rings with the meaning to make them more special and worthy for the users.

Halo Diamond


The process of pure mining diamonds is a complex one, so you would find that whenever people dug the graves of kings from the past, people found that their graves were brimming with gold, but there were almost no traces of diamonds. So at that instance, only some countries realized a shiny white gemstone extracted from coal mines.

So it was used as a luxury, and people with huge social status could only buy rings made up of gold and diamond beautifully placed on them. So this was the beginning of diamonds in the engagement rings.

This was the scenario of the late 1920s, and at that time, the world was unaware of diamonds and their luxurious value. Still, a company had a great stock of diamonds, so they spent millions on the advertisement to gain profits. The effect of those advertisements was that people started seeing diamonds as a symbol of feelings and luxury.

So diamond became the universal gift symbol as it represented both luxury and emotions, so after this decade, the world opted for engagement rings made of diamonds.

Diamond Strips

When diamonds became the new definition of emotion and luxury, people began extensively using them to express their emotions to their loved ones. Amid this rising demand came the concept of diamond strips which allowed the engagement rings to be made of gold strips, and people placed small pieces of diamonds on these strips. So soon, people all across the globe came forward and contributed to this idea.

So the rings with strips and small diamonds placed on them became in high demand, and soon the markets were flourishing with them.

Cushion-Cut diamond


This is not the end. Further, the diamond with various cuts made on them became high in demand because the diamonds that were mere stones earlier now came in with numerous cuts made on their surface. So now was when the diamond was on its all-time high value; the kings, queens, and governors used to present diamonds as a sign of gratitude and luxury.

So when this became the most luxurious piece of ornament of the century, all the jewelers across the globe started designing engagement rings made up of these diamonds. As a result, the huge profits were on the charts.

Oval Diamond

When there was an uprising in demand for diamonds, to surpass the competition, various companies came in with ideas like synthetic diamonds and vivid shape diamonds, including oval diamonds. These oval diamonds have a spectacular shape and view so the bearer can enjoy their beauty and make sure that this remains the best remembrance of their happiest days.

Smart Rings


Now, as technology is advancing, people are coming up with even more creative ideas like smart rings, which are equipped with almost all the latest technologies. Just like a smartwatch does many other tasks than telling the time, in the same way, the smart engagement ring also does the same.

The smart rings are equipped with features like GPS, Bluetooth, photo and voice recording features, so it makes you feel safe and secure. These rings are also a symbol of perfect design and along with it come various features.

The engagement rings hold the best moments of your life, so you should always go for the best engagement rings and can be a great help in the same.

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