10 Things Not To Give To Your Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is that time of the year where everyone makes use of the opportunity to shower love on their birth givers. This may be done by either gifting her with something that she likes or making the day all about her. If you know when Mothers Day is in India, send her delightful gifts and win her heart through Giftstoindia24x7, click here to know more right now!

With May 9th right around the corner, struggling to figure out what to give and what not to give your wonderful mothers? Worry no more as we dive into some items you should avoid gifting your mother on such an auspicious occasion.

1. Cleaning Equipment

It is quite true that moms are more often than not, found in the house, cleaning away constantly. Rubbing the ugly truth of them being engrossed with that activity with such a gift may not seem like the ideal present on such an occasion. In fact, this may make her feel less appreciated for who she is and only appreciated for the household work she does. So it’s a big NO for such products. Try something more thoughtful and sentimental instead.


2. Anti-ageing creams

In complete honesty, everybody is getting old by the passing moment and not everyone necessarily likes it. Getting a reality check about this fact is not something anyone, especially a mom would like. You may be very caring to have been so thoughtful about this gift but your mother may not think on the same line. The gift may seem sentimental to you but would be you indirectly calling her old and wrinkly. Think twice before you think of gifting this purchase!

3. Exercise supplies

Just a humble suggestion from us on never considering to gift your mother any exercise supplies such as weights, an exercise bike, or even a treadmill. This is indirectly a big way of body-shaming her, to which she may get offended. Of course, not all mothers have time to work on their bodies as they have been so busy spending their lives taking care of their family. Trying to get her something to actually get her in shape may actually backfire. Skip this gift and instead pamper your mothers with something more sentinel than a harsh truth.


4. Greeting Cards

Cards are too cliche and are one of the quickest gifts anyone can give their loved one. If the card is one you picked up from your local stationery shop, it makes it all the more uninteresting as a gift and would not project the care you actually wish to shine on your wonderful woman. Customizing a card proves to be way better than a normal card. What glamorizes the card all the more is when it is accompanied by chocolates or a small gift such as a perfume.

5. Cash

Mothers can get cash from anywhere. In fact, they are probably earning to treat themself on such a day. But on the unfortunate side, it does not have any sentimental value through which she can remember you every time she sees it. This ruins the whole purpose of gifting her something on this day and must be avoided at all costs. As a wise man once said, money can’t buy anyone love. Instead, use the money to buy something thoughtful, and also something that she would use and like.


6. Electronics she won’t use

Not all moms are tech-savvy and get all excited with electronic gadgets in their hands. In fact, many mothers do not even know how to use these gadgets to their full potential. This just beats the purpose of buying her something that she could use and would go to waste. Think of something that could be of value to her and not make her feel all the more awful for not knowing how to use the gadget.

7. The same gift as last year

It is quite a normal phenomenon to have a mental block with no ideas on what to get for your mother on Mother’s Day. This would force many of us to just stick to the same gift we had gifted her last year. This is quite a bad idea and lacks creativity. In fact, it also shows the lack of effort one has put into getting the gift, which truly ruins the day when it is supposed to be important to the mother.


8. Photo frames

Just like cards, photo frames have gone out of fashion as well and are too cliche. It is a gift that is given on so many occasions. Additionally, it lowers its value all the more when it does not come with a picture of something sentimental, such as a family picture, in it. This could be quite a bland idea and would probably just be stored away in the attic as it may not be used by your mother.

9. Regifting

There may be a variety of gifts you may have secured from your birthday, parties or just hampers you may have won. Regifting them to her as you would no longer need them is one of the worst gift ideas. In fact, mothers do not deserve this at all. This shows a lack of effort and consideration and could totally ruin her day, especially if she finds out the gift was one you received from somewhere.


10. Nothing

Forgetting such a huge day revolving around the significance of mothers is one thing. But remembering the day and still not doing anything to make your mother feel extra special is a complete bummer. Do not commit this common mistake and make the effort of getting your mother the gift she truly deserves. No one likes to be forgotten on such occasions!


Getting a gift can be awfully time-consuming and tricky. In addition to these problems, the process of thinking of a gift for your mom is extremely mind-draining. With everyone engrossed with their busy schedule, we are more often than not looking for ways to purchase the best gift without going through hassles. So why waste time and your mental capacity on securing a present from your mom when you can get all your needs sufficed at one spot.

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