How Does the Hit Frequency Affect Online Pokies?

Gambling, without any doubt, will always have someone to sit down and calculate the odds of winning or losing. Some people gamble for fun but there are more those that have made gambling into a science.

What are our odds to win money in gambling? Well, that depends on what game are we playing, where are we playing and how long are we playing. Different games have different RTP and odds, different casinos offer different odds and this goes as well if you are playing online or on land, and ultimately time we are spending gambling greatly affects your ability to win and to walk away with cash in your pocket. Casinos live on time and the house edge is bigger the longer you are playing, so remember this well.

When it comes to games, as you can see today, we are discussing pokies or slots. This is one of the four most famous gambling games and probably the one that is most loved and easy to play. Learning and mastering here are not necessary, all you have to do is insert money, make a bet, spin those reels and wait for your destiny.

Before we start with the meat and potatoes of the article we want to turn your attention to the best online pokies around Australia which you can find if you click here.


We all know that casinos make a lot of money thanks to a built-in house edge that makes them a lot of money. Slots, as the most popular gambling game, are the largest contributor to the operator’s payroll, without any doubt. This can be turned around and slots can be a contributor to your payroll as well but only if you follow some advice and if you play responsibly.

The first thing to understand whenever you are gambling online is that you must find a legitimate casino in which you will leave your business. A good online casino with a government body that regulates it, with all kinds of checks and licences as well as reputation comes in handy. Why are we mentioning this?

Well, the fact that we are talking about hit frequency and a good casino, ties in perfectly. Some casinos are regulated by shell companies and regulating bodies. Those are made just to scam you for your money. On those machines and in those codes, some settings and codes will benefit the operator or the casino owner more than you in most cases. Sometimes these pokies machines can be programmed to take all of your winnings at one or they can be programmed to give back a little to you and after a certain hit frequency, they take it all back and then some.


This is the exact reason why we are talking about finding a legit casino, with legit game makers and operators to avoid any kind of scams including hit frequency scams.

The second thing to understand is that slots games are high-speed high-paced games that can take you in so fast that you might forget when you came in, how much money you came in and how much you spent or won already. This is important for one reason only and that reason is your ability to walk away with a win. Now we all love pokies for what they are, a fast-paced, mostly cartoonish and loud machine that can in a blink of an eye make you very rich or very poor. Those that are not careful when playing can lose a lot very fast and not be aware of that. This is why some tactics must be employed here, as well as in any other gambling game. Most will tell you that having strategies isn’t helpful in pokies but they would be wrong. There are no strategies that you can employ to the game directly, at least no successful ones, but there are strategies that you can employ on yourself and your playing style. We will not go in-depth about them because we previously wrote about them.

Another thing to know, especially when it comes to pokies and hit frequency, is the fact that the win percentage or the hit frequency is not easily calculated and is something for everyone to see directly. Some players can see the hit frequency, which is calculated in percentages, naturally as a part of the game’s code or DNA if you like. Most players tend to search for patterns or similar things that can uncover what a particular game is all about. We all know that pokies, or slots, come in many different forms – from progressive to those regular ones that do not pay well but are still fun to play.


The trick here is to know that those progressive ones will have a lot less of a win rate and hit frequency because of how many multipliers and symbol stackings can lead to some insane winnings. The way to buff that down is to lower the win rate and the hit percentage way down. The machines that will have a greater return to the player, greater win rate and a lot bigger hit percentage will be those machines that have a lot lower bonuses and special features. These machines will also offer better chances at middle zones where you can win a lot more and a lot more frequent, which is the thing we are all looking for.

So, as you can see Pokies are still on top of their games and they are still the most beloved gambling game out of them all, not to mention the simplest one. Hit frequencies as you could see do affect online pokies and the hit frequency is better on the machines that do not have good pay-outs or that do not have that crazy bonuses or bonus stackings. Those pokies can be awesome and attractive but you would have a lot more chances on those that pay a lot less. You can also make a strategy that will have you utilize as much of these less-paying pokies as possible in the available time you have to increase your overall winnings out of them. You now have the info you need and we will leave the strategizing and development to you. we just want to remind you to be responsible when gambling and never go over the amount you have to spend. Always keep that in mind and you will never be in trouble.

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