7 Warning Signs You Should Call An Emergency Electrician

People shouldn’t play with electricity. It can be really dangerous, especially if they don’t know how to handle it. You should keep this in mind every time it seems like it needs a tiny fixture. But, even the smallest issue can be really dangerous for the people who don’t know anything about electricity. Calling an electrician is always a better option.

Defects can easily occur in any household. Sometimes you will notice them immediately and they can be sorted out in a short time, without consequences. Unfortunately, there are also situations in which fires have occurred or human lives have been lost due to improper handling of electricity. So whatever happens, call an electrician. It will save you time and money and will reduce the risks already mentioned in the previous sentences.

Anyway, hiring an emergency electrician doesn’t mean it should be expensive. You can see on 1stElectricians how you can get quotes, so you can know how much you will have to pay for a particular service.

But, you also need to recognize if you need to call them in the first place. Maybe the things don’t seem serious, but in this article, we will include some warning signs you need an emergency electrician as soon as possible:

1. Power switches do not work properly


These are all switches you use to turn on a light or a water heater or whatever else in your household. Switches should be easy to operate and it should not be a problem to turn the light on or off. But if you notice blinking, sparking, the smell of burning or damage to the plastic, then it means that something is happening. In this case, you should not risk yourself, because each subsequent switching carries a risk of a short circuit or fire. Solve this in time with the help of an electrician.

2. Plugs and power outlets heat up

Power outlets should not be too hot. Warming up is a sign that something is wrong. Many people do not notice that something heats up until they feel the heat from afar. And then it’s too late and a lot of damage has been done.

But you can easily check that everything is fine if you bring your hand close to the outlets, to feel if there is heating. It is normal to have some heat, which is tolerable. But if the heating is too great and smells like burnt plastic, then something bad is happening and an electrician has to intervene.

3. There is sparking and burning

This is not a good sign at all. In fact, the spark and the burning are a sign that an electrician has to come immediately and have it all fixed. Burning and sparks are a great danger and a major breakdown or even fire can occur at any time. Sometimes this can happen even if you do not use that cable or power outlet. Therefore, do not ignore the burning and sparking, because the damage that can happen is really more expensive than the repair.


4. Weird sounds every time you turn on something

No one wants to hear buzzing and humming that comes from your TV, lights, computer, power switches, or outlets. The current that flows properly through the electrical system does not create sounds. Every sound, even the quietest, is a sign that something is wrong. Therefore, call your electrician, as it is not worth the risk. As we have already said, electricity can be very dangerous if something bad is not noticed in time. And it is even more dangerous when we know something is happening but we ignore it.

5. Your installation is very old

The dilapidated electrical installation can be a major hazard, even when used properly. This is common in old houses and buildings, but also in properties that are not used on a daily basis, such as weekend houses or villas. Therefore, regular maintenance must be taken really seriously. If you are in this situation, do not neglect the need for an electrician, even if you are sure that there is no problem. Any electrical issue, from basic wiring to a full electrical system overhaul, can be handled by calling denver electricians.

6. Old electrical appliances do not work properly

We all have some kind of appliance in the house that we keep and we know how to use it. But did you know that many of the sudden fires come from devices we have at home and have minor technical malfunctions? So, always make sure that none of these old appliances are constantly plugged in, and if you have the opportunity, keep them away from other devices. It is best to replace them with new ones that work well.


7. Water damage

The electrical installation must not be connected to water in any way, so you must be careful about all this. This also means that the plumbing installation needs regular maintenance. If there is a flood in the house, do not touch the electrical appliances and do not turn on anything. It is best to turn off the power supply outside the home, if possible. In the event of a flood, you need to call several services so that they can safely remove the hazards. Their clothes and equipment are suitable for such activities. You should not touch any electrical appliance with your bare hands, nor try to repair anything that has been damaged by water.


We shouldn’t play with electricity, and we must take the damages very seriously. There are so many appliances and devices in our home, so we have to make sure everything works properly before we use it. If you are suspicious about anything, you will have to call your emergency electrician, and of course, wait for them to come.

Don’t touch anything you don’t know how it works. Electricity can be very dangerous for those who don’t take it seriously. At least, you can get burns, or you may end up in hospital because of the shock. So, save the electrician’s number on speed dial. Probably you won’t need it soon, but it’s always to have it on time before it’s really late.

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