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5 Signs it’s Time to Get a Commercial Exhaust Hood Cleaning

As the owner of a commercial facility, you have a duty to properly maintain kitchen hood systems. This refers to the periodic cleaning of grease and all other impurities that are dangerous to the environment. The consequences of untidy surfaces are catastrophic and a fire can easily occur. In order to prevent such things, there are fire inspectors who monitor the facilities and enforce sanctions if necessary. So think about your business and do the cleaning on time. Of course, it is important that your systems are of good quality, that you have equipped staff who knows how to clean surfaces on a daily basis, etc.

However, that is all you can do. Keep in mind that the best professionals for this job are those who have many years of experience and the necessary equipment. So if you are just the owner of a commercial facility we suspect we have these skills and that means you and your people cannot do this alone. Leave the cleaning to a trained, qualified person with a certificate. Keep reading the text to know if you need their service right away.

Exhaust hood works poorly

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If the system in charge of removing the smoke cannot simply expel it from the room, that is the first sign that something is wrong. So, the aspirator is extremely important in this situation. And it is in charge of accumulating smoke in the kitchen. Since his task is quite simple, it is not difficult to notice when something is not right. The first sign is a large amount of smoke in the air, because it is clogged with fat deposits. This is not strange and only means that the hood needs cleaning, but keep one thing in mind.

This might not have happened to you so soon if your employees had cleaned the appliances properly on a daily basis. Of course, in addition, it is necessary for professionals to intervene after a certain period, but make sure that you have trained the employees well enough regarding cleaning. If you do not solve this, there can be a malfunction, but also major complications. You may also hear a very unpleasant fan sound that may not work properly due to dirt. You will usually hear vibrating or buzzing.

Unpleasant odor

Apart from the fact that the rooms will be filled with more smoke than usual, there is another sign – the smell. This refers to the musty odor which is a consequence of the accumulated dirt. It is very dangerous because it is flammable. Also, fat deposits could have settled in various parts of the system and the risk is increasing. The consequences can come faster than you think, without any hint. For this reason, we advise you to be aware of the meaning of this scent, which you must not ignore.

When you find yourself in this situation, you need to stop all the machines and immediately call the experts who will take over.

Difficulty opening the device

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Your employees work with kitchen appliances every day, and that means not only using them for the purpose of storing food, but also everything else. For example, it is necessary to regularly wipe the surface and check it before each on and off. Some devices need to be checked more often than others, and for some devices, the staff is not qualified enough. However, when it comes to easily accessible parts of the system, they are often contacted.

Sometimes you may encounter a problem with the opening. And that is exactly why the check is performed because this is a warning sign that tells you that the surface is too dirty and not in function. So the openings need cleaning right away.

High temperature

This is a consequence of the poor operation of kitchen hood systems and a signal for immediate action. This means that there was oversaturation and that the system was exhausted, which means that this is an extremely bad environment for everyone present.

It’s been a long time since the last cleaning

If it’s been more than a year since you’ve hired experts to deal with your commercial facility then this is a clear sign that it’s time to do it again. Note that this is a routine that is repeated periodically or otherwise there are previous warning signals as well as worse consequences. Read below all about the rules of maintenance of kitchen hood systems.

When should I repeat the cleaning?

So, don’t let the previously mentioned situations tell you when it’s time to clean up. Find out for yourself when the time is right. And that is not complicated at all, considering that there is a standardized time for different objects. However, a general rule is to clean every three months. It may depend on the type of system, the materials used, etc. Fast food restaurants would have to clean their systems every month while regular restaurants and hotels could every 90 days. On the other hand, pizzerias can delay cleaning for up to 200 days.

What does the process of cleaning kitchen hood systems include?

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There are several basic steps in cleaning a kitchen hood system. First of all, it is necessary to remove all the traps that exist at all openings. After that, we move on to aggressively removing fat deposits. The means intended for this cleaning and hot water are used. When cleaning is done, all surfaces are wiped and allowed to air dry. Then we move on to cleaning the filter and the procedure is almost the same as cleaning grease traps. When you’re done with this, clean the inside and outside of the hoods.

Appropriate items for this process, such as brushes, cloth, etc., are used all the time. Experts act very thoroughly and wipe the surface well after finishing so that it is completely dry before reinstalling. Visit to read even more about the process of cleaning.


During the cooking process, wastewater accumulates, and with it, grease, moisture, and smoke. No matter how good a ventilation system you have, you will not be able to delay the thorough cleaning that is necessary. In addition to the need to repeat this for hygienic reasons, the most important thing is to prevent the danger of fire. And this is prevented only by regular cleaning. We hope we have helped you understand the time when you need to seek professional help for your kitchen hood system.

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