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Best Gas Boilers to Keep Warm at Home this Winter

We rarely think that much of our water heating systems… until they stop working. Most homes use boilers – central heating units that make your radiators function and supply hot water to your taps and through your pipes. These provide necessary warmth for your whole home through the radiators. No wonder they are so important – and no wonder we may get desperate if we realize we don’t have a good one.

Should you opt for choosing a new gas boiler that will make your indoor moments cozier,  you should definitely take a look at the special list we compiled for you. Their majesties – the best types of gas units on the market.

Combi boilers

As its name indicates, this type of gas boiler is a combination that provides both space warmth and hot water. These are simple and quick to install, energy-efficient, more cost-effective than most other units you can find out there, and their installation also takes up less space. This is because they don’t come with cold water storage tanks and bulky hot water cylinders which definitely waste the valuable space inside the house.

The main benefit is that they can give you hot water as soon as you turn on the tap or shower. And the main downside? Not the best choice if you have a big household, since they can’t provide hot water to multiple bathrooms.

Some of the best ones in the league are Ravenheat HE80, Viessmann Vitodens 200, Intergas Xclusive and Vaillant EcoTec Pure. The most impressive would be Ravenheat HE80 because of its huge minimum 3.9 kW output, which makes it the best entry-level combi. The price is also awesome, as well as a pretty much decent warranty of five years!

Intergas Xclusive and Vaillant EcoTec Pure aren’t too far behind either. The prices of these two are different but both are among the best solutions in their market. Intergas Xclusive is known for its sophisticated controls – but Vaillant EcoTec Pure has a strong customer service backup and is a more familiar brand. You should always keep this in mind if you want to choose the best – the lower it can go, the more efficiently it can operate during the years.

Just like any other boilers, these boilers can break over the years and it is important to call professionals who can repair it efficiently. Visit for more information.

Conventional boilers

These are also known as heat-only or simply regular ones. Unlike the above-mentioned ones, they are suited to bigger households. If you’re thinking of replacing your old boiler with a brand new one, you should stick to the same type. For instance, if you want to change your conventional one with the combi, you’d need to replace the pipes in your house. Sticking to the same type makes the whole thing most cost-effective. The downside? They lose warmth quickly if they aren’t kept insulated. Some of the best brands would be Worcester 8000, Glow Worm Energy, and Vaillant EcoFit Pure.

If you want to make up to three rooms warm during the cold winter day, you should know that the average property shouldn’t require more than 6-8 kW. We have ranked The Worcester 8000 as the most efficient since it has a big output of 30kW but can go right down to 3kW. It means that it will give you 30kW of power for hot water and reduce it down to 3kW during winter. Yet, bear in mind that it’s also the most expensive one.

The cheapest option for this type would be Baxi 200 with a max heating output of 13 kW and the lowest 7.5 kW, but our old good Worcester 8000 friend, the pricey one, offers the lowest output and 10-year warranty.

System boilers

Even though the majority of homes have the combi ones nowadays, you might want to follow the trend by choosing a system one that is pretty much different. These use a separate hot water storage cylinder, which is why they might take up more space, but this fact makes them an ideal water supply in the household where more than one person might want to take a shower at the same time. Also, they belong to the group of big unites but they don’t demand an expansion tank and a hefty feed –  a perfect supply for hot showers on demand!

Yet, if you’re thinking of replacing another type of boiler with this one, the procedure won’t be cheaper and installation could become more difficult. They take a little extra work, and they definitely can’t give you instant hot flows like the combi. The cylinder needs to be kept insulated in any case. In case you decide to do it no matter what, make sure you have true experts on your side and get some advice on Can anything be better for a household than programs that can benefit your bills and make you spend less? Right – so, use them wisely!

The best options to choose from would be Ravenheat CS, Intergas Xclusiv, and Viessmann 200.  Viessmann 200 has been reviewed as the most effective unit since it goes down to 1.9 kW at the lower end.  We must also take into consideration the best-priced piece, which would definitely be Ravenheat CS because of its incredible 4 kW minimum output. Yet, the downside is that it has a 2-year warranty only. Nevertheless, the price is quite appealing – you won’t cash out more than 600 euros!

Condensing boiler

If you’re thinking about whether to choose a non-condensing or condensing one-stop thinking! Condensing units are at least 25% more efficient than non-condensing ones – and the best part is that all those listed above (system, combi, and conventional) can be condensing too. Simply said, it’s the type that wastes less energy.

On the other hand, the non-condensing units allow heat to escape in the form of water vapor, but condensing works differently – they trap the gases that are trying to escape and use their energy to heat the water.  The best babies on this list? Viessmann Vitodens 200-W, Viessmann Vitodens 100-W, and ATAG iC Economiser Plus 35.

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