Shopping In Kashmir – A Detailed List Of Every Shopping Enthusiast!

Kashmir is recognized for its splendid sceneries and an exotic shopping hub for all the shopaholics! From the craftsmanship of the exquisite workers, Kashmiri gift items, handicrafts, and almost everything, Kashmiri artwork is eminent for its subtlety and glory. Being the one-stop mecca for shoppers along with the glorious view of ice-capped mountains, this “Paradise on Earth” attracts thousands of tourists every year.

As this state’s main source of revenue from tourism, local artisans and weavers create subtle items to lure tourists. During your Kashmir exploration days, you will observe locals sitting in nooks and corners, selling souvenirs and various handmade items.

So, if you are one of the shopaholics, prefer to buy handicrafts for your loved ones, traveling to Kashmir will expose thousands of captivating items to you! These are the few shopping items that we have summed up for you in this article, which you must never miss out on while shopping in Kashmir.

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1. Pashmina Shawls and Blankets


Kashmir is a one-stop destination for buying Pashmina blankets and shawls. There shouldn’t be any people who visit this place and don’t purchase shawls. Such impeccable blankets and shawls are ideally crafted by the veteran artisans of Kashmir and manufactured by authentic sheep wool.

As far as the price of these shawls are concerned, its soft and fine texture makes the Pashmina assortments so swanky.

2. Metal Crafts

Tourists are highly inclined to purchasing exquisite metal crafts during their time in Kashmir. Therefore, the best location for buying such metal assortments is Sarnal Payeen Anantnag Kashmir. It is well-known for selling copper and brass handicrafts.

Some of the outstanding copper handmade products are small utensils, pooja assortments, and showcase antique pieces. Those subtle products are so fine and genuine, which will surely lure you into buying them to showcase items in your office or home.

3. Kashmiri Carpets


Kashmiri carpets are broadly recognized due to handcrafted items, and they are mindfully knotted and never get tufted. However, carpet weaving isn’t the craftsmanship of Kashmir; rather, the Persia exports these items to Kashmir.

While checking the wide collections of carpets, you will find the touch of elegance of the Persian artisans. As such carpets are manufactured with vivid colors and chemical dyes, the knotting is a significant factor too!

t enhances the durability and value of the carpets. So, you can purchase anything between single-knotted or double-knotted.

4. Traditional Jewelry

Kashmir cherishes a grand tradition with its splendid conventional dresses and astounding antique pieces of jewelry. Therefore, it becomes a must-buy thing! You will get the most charming and classic range of jewelry collections in Kashmir only.

These exotic ranges of ornaments in Kashmir are designed with the maximum precision to provide an absolute swanky appearance. Srinagar is an ideal abode of semi-extravagant gemstones. Hence, such stones are placed in any jewelry to boost the aesthetics of any ornaments.

Some of the most flabbergasting jewelry picks are Chaunk Phool, Balu, Kundals, Kada, Tika, Nupura, which are the most wearable items by Kashmiri women.

5. Walnut Wood Carving


Kashmir is the best-in-class location to get classic wood carvings that you will find across the world. As walnut is grown abundantly in Kashmir, such wood carving is done on numerous items, including dining tables, desks, etc.

If you have ever been to Kashmir or thinking of a solo or family trip in the upcoming days, you shouldn’t forget to buy this beautiful item.

6. Paper Mache Products

The supreme art of turning the waste paper into the most spectacular embellished thing is what Paper Mache is all about! Being a combined product, it consists of paper pulp and is bruised with an adhesive solution.

After that, it’s forged into an appropriate shape and let stay for a few days to get dried and painted. Such an ingenious and crafty invention of Kashmir is highly lauded and treasured every time. If you visit Kashmir, you can purchase a few home decor alluring items built with Paper Mache, such as flower vases, boxes, and other fancy stuff.

7. Dry Fruits


Visiting Kashmir and forget to buy exotic dry fruits? Kashmir is a one-stop hub for a wide range of delicious and wholesome dry fruits, which you must not be oblivious to buying! If you are highly inclined to purchase 100% organic products, therefore, Royal Kashmir will showcase a plethora of collections to you.

As this is an ideal place to buy preservative-free dry fruits, you can give it a try before buying anything. Do you have a predilection for buying farm-fresh organic fruits in Kashmir? This shop will sell you freshly picked fruits and dry fruits.

8. Kashmir Willow Bats

Are you a cricket fanatic? If yes, these Kashmir Willow Bats will surely increase your immense fondness for playing cricket. Take a glance over the massive collection of such bats, mainly available at the most budget-friendly rates.

Choosing Kashmiri bats will be amazing to play cricket seamlessly due to its light pick-up and excellent grip. Although these are available at a reasonable rate, you will need to participate in much more formation.

9. Noon Chai Leaves and Kahwa


Such warm and nutrient tea is prepared in extraordinary ways using salt and milk; hence, it is the most popular product. On the other hand, incorporating a pinch of baking soda gives the chai a beautiful pink hue.

If you arrive in Kashmir during winter, you will be served with butter, making the chai much more special. Kahwa is also a special drink prepared during weddings and festivals. Apart from 20 types of Kahwa are made in Kashmir, all you need is to add some milk, and you are all set!

So, these are the detailed lists of the top 9 items, which are worth considering buying! From shopping genuine Kashmiri clothes, jewelry, souvenirs to a wide collection of food items, Kashmir is the perfect place to mitigate all your shopping needs.

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