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5 Reasons You Should Choose Eectric Heating Over Gas

Gas heating is one of the most common choices around the world. It has been very popular in the past few decades, but now things are changing. An economical and sustainable way of heating your home is electric heating. It showed much better properties compared to gas. With electric heating, the good sides of gas heatings have been retained, while the shortcomings have been eliminated. Electric heating has been shown as an energy-efficient option. And looking for energy-friendly alternatives in all areas is in focus in the past few years. Here are five reasons you should choose electric heating over gas.

Installation is simple

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Electric heating is very easy to install, unlike gas heating which requires the installation of various elements such as pipes and ducts. There is no pipework, so you don’t need to spend the time thinking about how to organize all the elements or whether it will work for your house. You only need to connect it with the electric circuit, and your job is done there. You can organize the installation part in no time, without endless planning, like with gas heating. Installing gas heating sometimes take even several weeks. Also, with gas installation, there is always an option something will get broken or damaged on your property because it is just too much work. Electric heating installation is much simpler and it can be done in just one day. With electric radiators, you also get all the equipment needed and thorough instructions for the installation, so you can do it all by yourself. Besides, electric heating is a few times cheaper, which is always a plus.

It is ecologically acceptable

Today, one of the biggest requirements for the method of heating is to show maximum energy efficiency, while it doesn’t harm nature. As you can assume, this is not easy to achieve, but electric heating shows very good properties. Although it is purified, gas is still one of the main culprits for the emission of harmful gasses. Heating is one of the main sources of gasses such as carbon dioxide. It exceeds even driving many times over. Our planet is getting affected by human actions, so there is a lot of talk about climate changes taking place in the past few decades. It is not getting better, so it is vital to take care to contribute as little as possible to these bad changes that are affecting all of us. Using an ecologically acceptable method of heating is a good way to do so. And that is why our choice should be electric heating rather than gas. Fossil fuels, such as gas, will certainly be completely obsolete after some time. With electric heating, there is no emission of harmful gasses. It is clean and protects nature. By using electric heating we care for our planet and every single person on it. If you want to get informed about electric heating in detail and see what are your options make sure you check out www.futofolia.fu and read their recommendations.

Higher energy efficiency

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Electric heating shows much higher energy efficiency. It comes to even one hundred percent, which is never the case with gas heating. Gas can achieve energy efficiency of 97 percent max. It wastes a lot of energy through the pipework. Also, it doesn’t matter if you want to use only one radiator in your house. The whole system needs to work to achieve that and you can’t isolate a single radiator and heat it. This shows you that a lot of energy is wasted when using gas as an energy source for heating your home. Electric heating doesn’t require pipework and it works through cables, so it enables maximum energy efficiency. In a practical sense, this means that an electric furnace can transfer all of the electric energy to heating. There are no losses and unnecessary waste of energy.

It is cost-effective

One of the features that are often referred to as the downside of electric heating is that it is more expensive to use it on a daily basis. But don’t let yourself be fooled by this information. The overall cost-effectiveness can be calculated only after considering all the factors. Installation, maintenance, and the system’s lifespan should all be taken into the equation. Electric heating is maybe more costly than gas heating on daily basis, but it is much cheaper to install and maintain. It also lasts much longer. Gas systems last as half as long as electric ones. As we mention, electric radiators convert 100% of the energy to heat. With electric heating, you get what you pay for, nothing less. When you get the bigger picture, it is easy to conclude that electric heating is more cost-effective, so by choosing it, you will save a lot of money in the long run.

It is easy to maintain and much safer

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Maintaining an electric heating system is as easy as its installation. It doesn’t require much professional help and, unlike with gas heating, you can do most of the work by yourself. The gas furnace requires regular maintenance that is much more complex. You have to hire experts to get this job done and make sure everything is running smoothly. Every year you should get it cleaned and checked. This also means you have to pay much more to keep the gas system running and make sure it is completely safe. With an electric system, you don’t have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a real concern with gas heating. It is a much safer option for you and your family.

Conclusion: Gas heating is one of the most common options for many homes around the world. But it is not the cleanest one for sure. Electric heating has shown so many benefits compared to gas. It is environment-friendly and easy to install and maintain. It is more cost-effective, so it will be saving you a lot of money in the long run. Electric heating doesn’t produce harmful gasses and it is also safer for your family. You don’t need to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a huge benefit. When you collect all information, it is easy to understand electric heating has all the advantages and none of the disadvantages of other methods of heating, so you can never go wrong by choosing it.

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