Windows 2000 Technical Help Support Pages

Technical Help Support Pages

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The following pages and the information provided therein should not be construed in any manner as “Official Microsoft Customer Support” pages. The information and data found on this and all other similar pages at this site has been gathered from many sources, including from our own development team, and then refined for our internal use. We are making this information available in order to provide understanding and assistance to our customers.

You can find the Official Microsoft Support Pages by clicking here!

You can find the Windows 2000 Windows Update page by logging onto your Internet Service Provider and then click Start, Windows Update!

If you need Windows 2000 Update files you can review and download them using Windows 2000 Update by clicking here!

While there are a few flavors of the Windows 2000 operating system, we will only be dealing with the Windows 2000 Professional version in any detail at the present time. As the server versions become more predominant, we will add that information our customers request.

The following begins with a review of what should be considered before attempting the installation of the Windows 2000 operating system. Reaching an accurate determination of whether your present hardware is ready for Windows 2000, as well as whether there are any Advanced Setup issues, will be extremely important to you. We begin the installation process with the necessary information you need to partition your hard drive, if necessary, as well as the file system system (format) choices available to you, and then proceed with the actual installation of the operating system.

We urge you to read as much information as possible and always proceed with caution. Always check all of your steps to ensure that you haven’t missed anything before proceeding with the actual installation to ensure that you understand what you are doing as well as the anticipated outcome.

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