No Boot Sector On Fixed Disk

No Boot Sector On Fixed Disk

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Explanation: After the BIOS POST process, the system found a hard disk from which to start an operating, however it couldn’t load the operating system because it could not find the boot sector.

Diagnosis: The most common cause of this problem is trying to boot a new hard disk before partitioning and formatting it. Getting this message on an existing system means that there is likely corruption of some sort in the key disk structures.


  • Until the hard disk is set up, boot from a floppy disk instead of the hard disk to start the system.
  • For a new hard disk, remember to partition and format the hard disk.
  • If this type of error is encountered in an existing system, there is a good chance that the disk has become corrupted somehow. In this case, you will need to try and recreate the boot sector. Run FDISK and make sure the boot partition is active. Then, at the MS-DOS prompt, type “FDISK /MBR” (without the quotes) and touch enter.

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