Wild Wonderful Off-Grid: How It Started and Where They Are Now

Wild Wonderful Off-Grid is one of the famous YouTube channels that gained popularity over the past time. The present era is providing all of us an opportunity to build our brand and gain recognition worldwide. The advanced means of communication like the internet are giving us a chance to showcase our talents and skills in this competitive world.

Coming to the mainline of our article, Wild Wonderful Off-Grid YouTube channel, you can see the subscriber count hitting the sky, and presently the count is near 100K. However, the admins of the channels came all the way to provide quality content to the peers of the same community.

Moving forward, let us identify the sole reason why they have started the Wild Wonderful Off-Grid YouTube channel and what exactly are they selling or how the channel content is helping the people all around.

How did the Wild Wonderful Off-Grid Youtube channel come into existence?


What Erin and Josh encountered at that time was…..

Erin and Josh are a couple who live in West Virginia. They had their elder daughter, after which they decided to take a break from the hassle of city life and enjoy a peaceful life with the family. The concept of abandoning the easier and hassle city life and welcoming the peaceful life made them stand unique from the rest of the people.

In 2018, the Erin and Josh family reached their family count of five. The three children of Erin and Josh were given a chance to enjoy a comfortable life and put off themselves from the busy and polluted city lives.

In 2018, the couple in their thirties sold off their house, loaded their stuff, and started exploring the world. Fortunately, the trip to Virginia in the West direction gave them a chance to own 73-acre land and build a beautiful dream house for themselves.

Mainly people reminded Erin and Josh and advised them not to make a hasty decision and put their children in a deadly situation. However, Erin and Josh have enough clarity and a pre-planned for their future. Hence, the couple successfully built their dream house and moved into their house away from the bustling city life.

Construction is always full of adventure…..

The Erin and Josh couple eagerly looked forward to building their dream house. However, they were in the middle of raising their younger kids, so the overall process became an adventure for the couple.

However, the couple was determined enough to have a house of their interest and become the platform to create memories for their kids. With a lot of effort and plans, the couple and their team finished building an A-frame type of house for themselves. It is not just an A-frame house for the Erin family but also includes the farm and stock of animals for their livelihood. The overall picture of the family is very lively. The children play with the pets and have a quiet life for themselves.

Why did the Wild Wonderful Off-Grid Youtube channel gain a lot of attention from the public??

Many individuals honestly wish to escape from the busy city lives and settle down in the villages. The only thing that caught people’s attention is that they were able to resonate with the idea of what Erin’s family has got and what they accomplished in their lives.

The Erin couple was successful in creating a brand for themselves. As soon as they built the A-frame house, they came up with a brilliant idea of publicizing their accomplishment on social media. The videos of their daily lives and the daily activities that they usually do are captured and put on social media. As we all know, YouTube is the best platform for someone who honestly wishes to showcase their talents. The Erin family successfully promoted their daily life, and with the A-frame house, many people were able to resonate with their idea.

The channel is exponentially growing with a lot of subscribers. The prime reason is that it caught the viewers’ attention, who wished to do the same but could not accomplish their dream because of their reasons.

The concept of village life or sheltered life, living away from the city, has been a trending topic. The viewers are surprised to see how the Erin family manages their livelihood and lives a comfortable life without any luxuries.

Erin and Josh have taken this opportunity, and they take videos of their daily lives showing how they fix the minor issues at their house or how they spend their daily life in the A-frame. In addition to the attraction of the A-frame, the Josh family is also spending so much on animal stock to support their livelihood.

The children love spending their time with stock, so their cute encountering moments sometimes also hit the high reach and bring a lot of subscribers to the channel. The three children are intelligent and lovely, and their cute moments usually steal the viewers’ hearts.

Where is the Wild Wonderful Off-Grid Youtube channel standing now?

The concept of the Wild Wonderful Off-Grid Youtube channel is to allow the viewers to experience the quiet life by putting away all the hustling city disturbances aside and keeping themselves calm. The Youtube channel is going well and will soon reach 100K subscribers, having more than 3K daily views.

The Erin family did not restrict themselves to YouTube but created a brand for themselves on other social media also, like Facebook and Instagram. The content on their social media handles is reaching out to more people and attracting them.

The Josh family also gets the comments to which they respond by posting a few short videos on their social media handles.


The wild Wonderful Off-Grid Youtube channel came all the way here, nearly hitting the 100K subscribers milestone. The Erin family faced several obstacles all the way. Still, their determination and the planning strategy helped give a smooth experience and provide a comfortable life for all of their family members.

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