Killing Bites Season 2: Release Date, Cancelation & Renewal Status In 2024!

The Killing bites is a worldwide popular Japanese manga, and it has been a blast. This series was released in November 2013. A 12-episode series of heroic scenes, demon transformations, and mighty creatures. An anime that is extremely popular amongst children and adults.

The Killing bites have some intense plot twists, making it popular amongst youngsters and adults who are anime lovers.

A series of human-animal hybrids narrates the story of their character development and how situations and circumstances made them powerful fighters. These hybrids are genetically derived from other animals, and even the DNAs are attached to the hybrids via pets.

When The Killing bites, popularly called “Kiringu Batsu”, regarding season two almost after three years, fans went crazy and started googling release dates and teasers and surfed every website possible on the web.

So far, there is no indication regarding season 2, but we are hoping for the creators to give the updates soon.

However, season one left all the fans astonished and thrilled to wait for season 2 of the show. The plot of season two is being revealed:

The plot revolves around the two main characters- Hitomi Uzak and Yaya Nomoto. These two are genetic hybrids that can evolve themselves into animals. Unaware of the friend’s plot, Yaya Nomoto gave a helping hand in the abduction. Hence, several conflicts are held, and the underground battles have become a legal and open activity to common people.

Yaya Notomi expresses his feelings to Hitomi, and she murders him on behalf of Shido, her lover, and guardian. He was, however, still preparing for other hybrids to take revenge on Shido and Hitomi. Fans highly appreciated season 1. If you haven’t seen the series yet you can binge-watch now on amazon prime!

The questions which are being raised after the end of the first season have kept fans desperate for the release of season 2!

How is Yuya still alive?


Speaking from the protagonist’s point of view, Yaya Nomoto, who was Hitomi’s investor and had feelings for him; hence, he will return to Hitomi for revenge. Hitomi’s legal guardian is the next returning character in the next season. He plotted the murder plan of Hitomi. We don’t know what precisely old characters have to offer, but they will be introducing some new characters.

Renewal status and cancellation

The show’s creators have not renewed it yet because of a lack of source material. Therefore, the production has no sign of the new season’s release. However, the output of the series starts this year, and the show will be on screen most likely in 2024.

So far, a new trailer for season 2 is unavailable, and the production house has not renewed them. Liden movies so far haven’t confirmed the restoration. The studio needs more volumes to produce in the same season. Hence, the series is not canceled, and its large fanbase will see the sequel soon. The manga so far has 16 volumes total.

Spoilers for season 2

The anime serves as an elaborate introduction to Zaibatsu, the therianthrope hybrids. The first season is the base of interaction between Hitomi and Nomoto. They present Destroyale’s sole purpose as to choose which organization would be in charge of the lucrative quality treatment innovation. In addition, there will be twins Nami and Shio.

Short description of characters

Hitomi Uzaki (voiceover by Sora Amamiya)

A girl with a white girl who is a Ratel hybrid. Because of the ratel hybrid, she doesn’t fear facing the opponent. Her fighting strategy usually involves attacking the enemy first. She has an obvious crush on her guardian and treats anybody Reichii very gently. She frequently forgets people’s names with whom she has fought in the past.

Yuya Nomoto

A second-year university student was forced to kidnap another university student. He takes refuge among different hybrids against Shido and Zaibatsu, making him a cow hybrid.

He is shown as kind and mature. His feelings towards Hitomi remain the same as before, even though he understands that he has to face Inui and Kuroi may face her one day.

Eruza Nakashini

A Cheetah specializing hybrid is an expert in speed attacks. She is the younger sister of Taiga and represents Zaibatsu.

She finally loses the match under very unexpected circumstances. Her primary purpose is to get revenge against those who humiliated her.

Ui Inaba


She is a rabbit hybrid who prefers to run away from any dangerous situation. After they are destroyed, she becomes the most potent hybrid.

And one of the most respected members of underground Killing bites matches. So she becomes the puppet for the elite controlling the new hybrid community.

Ichinosuke Okijama

He is a hippopotamus hybrid that represents Ishida Zaibatsu.

Taiga Nakanishi

He is a tiger hybrid and Eruza’s elder brother.

Mai Shinozaki


She is an overseer of Death Matches.

Pure Inoui

She is a beagle hybrid, her dog Nauupi’s DNA is joined to her to save her life. Eureka quickly turns pure into a mighty warrior.

During the fight, she obeyed the commands of Yuya, which made her a skillful fighter. Despite everyone’s skepticism, she proves everyone wrong and turns into a dangerous fighter.

Gotoh Haiji

She is a supporting protagonist of the Killing bytes and an ibex hybrid.

She is always seen in her school uniform and prefers sleeping. Haiji is Impeccable no matter who the person is.

Kuroi Tasuku

She is a harsh personality and a Tasmanian devil hybrid. She has a D tattoo on her lower lip.

Her parents neglected her care due to their different careers, which led her to become a person of hatred.

Though she had a lousy personality, she refrained from committing a crime. The character thought that beautification would help her become a powerful fighter.

Out of these characters, the lead characters of the show are:

  • Hitomi Uzaki
  • Wataru Hatano
  • Maaya Uchida
  • Kurou Tasaku
  • Gotoh Haji
  • Pure Inou
  • Eruza Nakashini
  • Yuya Nomoto.

Season 2 in 2024 has not been renewed, and the trailer remains untouched.

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