How Many Subscribers Do You Need To Be an Influencer on YouTube?

Everyone’s on YouTube today. Whether you are looking for a way to make YouTube your primary source of income or as an addition to your website and your business, it is definitely a great platform where you can entertain and inform others and get a lot in return.

However, becoming a prominent figure on YouTube isn’t easy at all. It takes a lot of work to gain subscribers and constant activity if you want to see improvement. But how do you get to the point when you are an influencer? Also, what’s that point? Since when can you call yourself an influencer and actually earn money from the platform as well as the sponsors?

In this article, we will explore the new occupation of being an influencer, what it means actually and how to become one, primarily on YouTube!

What is an influencer?


First of all, you need to understand what an influencer is in order to become one. Basically, it is a person who can motivate (influence) a certain group of people to use or buy a product or service. They are often, prominent figures that advertise a product to you and they can range from celebrities who are followed by millions of people globally to some small-scale video makers that target particular niches.

Being an influencer doesn’t require you to get millions of subscribers. You can become an influencer with a much smaller audience, and later we will get down to numbers in more detail. Now that you know what it is, let’s see when you can consider yourself to be one.

1,000 Subscribers and 4,000 Hours of Videos Watched

The moment you can call yourself an influencer is when you gain over 1000 subscribers and have at least 4,000 hours of content viewed on a yearly basis. That isn’t a lot, but it is not a small number either. If you think that earning 1,000 subscribers is easy, try doing this organically. A lot of people use help to get started and more information about this can be found at

This number is not chosen accidentally. When you cross 1,000 subscribers, you are eligible to apply for the YouTube Partner Programme and earn money directly from the platform.

However, earning money solely from YouTube is not the only strategy. A lot of content creators are looking for alternative ways to earn and therefore they advertise certain products most common of them being Skillshare, NordVPN, etc.

You see these all over YT, no matter which channels you watch. By joining forces with certain companies, you can weave the commercial through your video and you will get paid for doing so. Once you start advertising, you are definitely an influencer.

Advertising is mostly up to you


While you get a certain idea about what to do and perhaps even a script, most companies will leave it to you to pack the commercial into the video. Some do it at the very beginning of the video, saying that the video is sponsored by a certain product, while the others place that on the end.

Some even interrupt the video to inform their audience what to do. These are all potential choices that you can make as well as the tone you will select. While certain influencers are straightforward in their ads, the others are more creative and funny and they make it enjoyable to watch.

Earning commission

You know that you’ve become an influencer when you advertise the sale of certain products and you are given your personal code you can share with others to get the discount. While the buyers get a discount, you will be given a commission.

Whether they enter the promo code at checkout or they use the referral link to buy the product, you’ve earned your share. This is a great strategy to make money because you don’t have to interrupt your videos and you can just place this information in the description.

How long does it take to become an influencer?


It takes as much as you need to attract the attention of the audience first and then of the companies. The bigger your fanbase is, the sooner the companies will approach you to advertise their products and more money you can make.

Our advice is not to think too much about becoming an influencer. When you focus on your content and the videos you are making as well as the thing you can improve, eventually, you will get there. If the videos are entertaining enough and they target a certain audience, you will not have any issues in growing your subscriber base.

Furthermore, since you want to become visible on YouTube, there are other aspects to consider. One of the most important is the frequency of posting. How often can you launch a new video? The more you are active on YouTube, the more friendly the algorithm will be and your channel will be recommended to other people who might be interested to follow what you do.

Therefore, if you are serious about growing your channel and becoming a YouTube influencer, you must be proactive and always be posting.

An influencer is not a negative thing


Today, there’s a lot of negativity that’s tied to the people we call influencers. But that’s only because we think of a certain group of YouTubers whose content may be shallow and detrimental for certain groups. Still, there are a large number of amazing channels and people who are influencers without knowing that they are!

For example, thanks to JustinGuitar, a large number of people started learning a guitar. His channel isn’t flashy at all and all he does is show exercises for guitar and has great courses for beginner guitarists. Furthermore, he shows how popular songs are played, something that is very useful for every musician. Therefore, we can say that Justin influenced a lot of people in a good way!

But he is just one example. There are tons of others who do what they love and who have helped people with their YouTube videos immensely.

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