Installing PWS

On Windows 98, PWS offers the following three installation options:

  • Minimum install   The minimum necessary components to operate PWS.
  • Typical install   Minimum options plus additional functionality and documentation.
  • Custom install   Presents all possible components as options, with all options included in the minimum and typical installations pre-selected.

The following table describes the available options for each type of installation. An X in the Min. column indicates options included by default in the Minimum Install option. An X in the Typ. column indicates additional options included in the Typical Install option. Options without an X in either column are available as selections in the Custom Install option.

Min. Typ. Components and Sub-components
  X FrontPage Server Extensions
Supports the use of Microsoft FrontPage to manage your Web site, as well as create the site content.
  X    FrontPage Server Extension Files
X   Microsoft Data Access Components
Easy use of databases with support for ActiveX Data Objects and the Microsoft Access driver.
X      Data Sources
X        Jet and Access
X        SQL Server
X      MDAC: ADO, ODBC, and OLE DB
         ADO Documentation
X        MDAC Core Files: ADO, ODBC, and OLE DB
X      Remote Data Service
X        RDS Core Files
         RDS Docs
         RDS Samples
         RDS v1.1 Files
    Microsoft Message Queue
Allows applications to pass along transaction notification and continue processing without waiting for confirmation that the transaction has completed.
       HTML Documentation
       Microsoft Message Queue Client
       Software Development Kit
X   Personal Web Server
A Web server that uses TCP/IP to host a Web site on the corporate intranet.
X      Common Program Files
  X    Documentation
         Active Server Pages
  X      Common Documentation Files
  X      PWS Administrator Documentation
X      Personal Web Manager
X      World Wide Web Server
X   Transaction Server
Supports creation of Microsoft Transaction Server applications. A transaction is a server operation that succeeds or fails as a whole, even if the operation involves many steps. MTS also supports process isolation of applications.
X      Transaction Server Core Components
X      Transaction Server Core Documentation
       Transaction Server Development
         Transaction Server Development
         Transaction Server Development Documentation
         Visual Basic Transaction Server Add-In
    Visual InterDev RAD Remote Deployment Support
Enables the remote deployment of applications on your Web server.
       Visual InterDev RAD Remote Deployment Support

To install Personal Web Server

  1. Select the Personal Web Server link and install the product. Restart your computer following the installation process. If you are installing over the Internet, select your platform and follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. To use PWS on a computer that is not connected to a network, you must rename the Hosts.sam file located in the \Windows directory to Hosts.

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