Minimum Hardware Requirements for Microsofts Personal Web Server Release Notes

For you to install and run PWS, your computer must meet certain hardware and software requirements. This topic details the requirements, and includes an easy-to-follow table you can use to review your system.

Hardware Requirements

If you intend to publish documents on your intranet, you must have a network connection. If you plan to use PWS as a development and staging platform only, and then upload your site to a corporate server or an Internet service provider, a network connection is not required. In addition, your hardware must meet the following specifications.

Hardware Requirements and Recommendations

Hardware Component Minimum Recommendation
Processor 33 MHz 486 90 MHz Pentium®
RAM 16 MB 32 to 64 MB
Free hard disk space 20 MB (minimum install) 100 MB
Monitor VGA Super VGA

Tip   If you have a name resolution system installed on your network, users can use “friendly” text names instead of IP addresses when connecting to your server.

Software Requirements

PWS can be installed on a computer running either Microsoft® Windows® 95 or later, or Microsoft® Windows NT® Workstation 4.0 or later operating system. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 is also required.

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