What Makes A Side Sleeper Pillow Different – 2024 Guide

Surely, you’ll agree that most people probably prefer to sleep on their sides. Even statistics agree with this. The National Sleep Foundation recorded that over half of Americans sleep on their side. If you’re a side sleeper yourself, you can probably agree how exhausting it is to find the right pillow to sleep on.

There are pillows that are just lacking in the plush department and tend to vanish when you rest your head on them. Then there are others that are just way too high, making it literally uncomfortable to sleep on.

But, did you know that there’s a pillow designed for side sleepers? You read that right.

How Pillows Affect Your Sleep

The quality of sleep is highly affected because of the pillow and mattresses you use. Having the right pillow for your needs can save you from many days of suffering from back pain and a sore neck.

The right pillow will also give you a well-rested feeling all throughout. If you want this, then you must clearly understand the importance of having the right kind of pillow for side sleepers like you.

Side sleepers should opt for a pillow that has the right amount of thickness, something that’s firm enough to hold your head and neck. The best pillow for side sleepers is the one that would keep the head and the neck perfectly aligned so as not to produce any kinks in the upper body.

If you’re not sold enough yet on why you should try a side sleeper pillow, then read on to know how it differs from your regular pillow.


1. Adjustable

Side sleeper pillows are usually adjustable and designed in a way that gives consistent support on the neck as well as the upper back. Some products from sites like PineTales even have inserts that you can place inside your pillow to adjust its height according to your own liking, giving you that perfect symmetry.
Apart from that, most brands even have a feature wherein the pillow is reversible.

2. Various Sizes And Shapes (U-Shape)

You probably know this already, but pregnant women benefit from using U-shaped pillows. The shape of the pillow has the right support for a pregnant woman’s legs, hips, and belly. This makes it easy to roll to the side without needing to adjust ten thousand pillows just to feel comfortable. Plus, it probably feels better knowing that your belly will be supported regardless of how much you move.

But, who said that only pregnant women can use U-shaped side sleeper pillows? This shape is particularly useful if you enjoy sleeping on your side. Most U-shaped side sleeper pillows are made from soft fibers which make it exceptionally fluffy and comfortable.

Another great thing about side sleeper pillows is that they come in various lengths. There are ones that are 55-inches long and others that are literally 65-inches in length. So, regardless of how tall you are, you’re definitely going to find one that’ll be the perfect size for you.


3. Relieves Body Pain

You know that as a side sleeper, you’ll develop back pains when you sleep on flat mattresses. This is because regular mattresses and pillows don’t support back strain. Sometimes, the pain is a nightmare.

Lucky for you, side sleeper pillows follow the contours of the human body, bringing you maximum comfort while relieving some of that ache in your back. Apart from pillows, you can also choose mattresses that can help relieve your back pain. These would make the perfect duo.

There are even some pillows that can be rearranged in however way you desire to help alleviate the part of your body which hurts the most. For instance, if you’re working, sitting, or relaxing on your bed, you’ll also have the option to stack one pillow on top of another so that your back can rest on it. Little configurations like this can provide comfort for your back if ever you’re suffering with soreness.

4. Perfect For Hot Days

A lot of side sleeper pillows actually come with cooling down alternatives. This means that it can only retain a small amount of your body heat, unlike regular pillows that retain a lot of your body heat. Thus, a side sleeper pillow is perfect for hot days as your side sleeper pillow will remain pretty cool. The reason for this is that most side-sleeper pillows are made of breathable blends of polyester as well as rayons that don’t feel hot.

Some may have a quilted pattern on one side and a different pattern on the other side that could regulate temperature. This is especially useful if you plan to use your pillow during the day. The cooling feature is perfect for midday heat. Nobody really wants to wake up on a hot morning with equally hot pillows.


5. Non-Allergenic Options

If you’re allergic to real down, then you’ll save yourself some headache by buying a side sleeper pillow. Most of the brands actually come with down alternatives so that you won’t experience any allergic reactions.

Most side sleeper pillows offer great protection from down pillows, allergens like dust mites, pollen, mold, and other small particles, making them perfect for people who are very sensitive. These particles are often responsible for the morning sniffles which sensitive ones get.

Some brands even come with the feature of a pet-dander barrier. This is essentially a must-have if you have pets at home and one of your family members is allergic. There’s no need to ban pets from the home, especially if you’re an animal lover.


Side sleeper pillows help in aligning the spine as well as reducing the discomfort which people typically experience in their shoulders, hips, as well as other points in the body where pressure naturally develops. These are adjustable, heat-resistant, versatile, and non-allergenic as well.

You’ll definitely be able to sleep the night away with these wonderful pillows. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and energized. Thus, a side sleeper pillow is great for side sleepers.

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