How Often Should Pest Control Be Done in an Apartment

Hygiene and pests are antonyms. People often use domestic pest control methods like sprays and chemicals. However, the correct expertise is often lacking in these methods. With improper treatment, one may eliminate pests temporarily, after which they will return again.

The sole purpose of pest control by experts is to get the correct treatment and its frequency for the respective pests they are supposed to treat. The local pest control such as those available at usually works out the proper treatment that is required.

How Often Should It Be Done?

The answer to this question entirely depends upon certain factors like location, weather, season, and usage of the apartment.

1. Location

If the apartment is located in a place where the standard of living is not up to the mark, it will be difficult for the condo to be void of pests. In specific locations where it rains more often, the moisture in the air seeps into walls and other parts of the apartment. The damp nature of walls and furniture attracts spiders, insects, lizards, termites, centipedes, and cockroaches. They tend to breed exponentially. They can indeed grow from a handful to colonies in no time at all. In favorable conditions to the pests, one might require a more frequent pest control treatment.

2. Season


In summers, there is a surge of insects that might be seen inside the apartment as they find an excellent shelter inside the apartment. They can be challenging to get rid of as well. In winters, some pests hibernate inside the apartment. These pests that are commonly seen are house rats. It can be challenging to eliminate the hidden breeding ground of these pests. In monsoons, certain dominant forms of insects can lay eggs in the apartment. Therefore, in a variety of seasons, a unique form of treatment is a must.

3. Usage Of Apartment

Apartments that are used often may be cleaned more often. The only places that can be troublesome are the kitchen and bathroom. A kitchen has a lot of organic waste, which should be disposed of. Even with proper care, there is still a possibility of infestation. In such households, pest control should be done more frequently. Such treatment must be done in these portions of the apartment specifically. If the apartment is not occupied by someone as often, insects that require idle spaces, the likes of spiders and termites, may take over the living room and bedroom where wooden items are kept. In such a scenario, infrequent treatment can be effective enough.

Reasons For Pest Control


1. Maintaining Proper Health

Health is a priority for every individual being. Although coexisting with other organisms is not a significant issue, insects and pests can turn out to be wrong accompaniments in an apartment. The reason for this is that they carry numerous diseases and infections. Specific problems like lizards, centipedes, and spiders are venomous. They can cause severe conditions if they bite humans. Other pests like rats, cockroaches, and fruit flies can contaminate food items and water. These activities can lead to terrible consequences, especially for those individuals that have weaker immunity than the majority.

The most ideal way to understand this issue of diseases is by focusing on the effects on children. Allergies and infections can be expected. Some common conditions are typhoid, diarrhea, and food poisoning. Hence, the best solution to stay healthy is to sway away from such creatures.

2. Avoiding Damages

Sometimes, termites and bed bugs might infiltrate the premises of the apartment. In such cases, they consume wooden articles and cloth materials, respectively. It may not be visible on a day to day basis, but eventually, the integrity of the furniture is compromised. Even in the case of rat infestations, they nibble on anything that can enter their mouths. Such occurrences can cause devastating effects to the house property. Over time its value will fall down. Most importantly, the utility that was initially derived from the articles will eventually be reduced to nil. To avoid such collateral damage to the house, one must consider going for a proper solution.

3. Food Items


People store food items in their apartment kitchens and store rooms. Pests will not only exhaust these supplies but also contaminate whatever is left. It takes a lot of effort and money to buy food supplies. If one cannot even get to cook and eat those supplies, it will be a complete waste. Moreover, just as humans defecate, these stubborn creatures also defecate after they consume organic material in the form of food rations. It will eventually leave behind an unbearable odor that will be difficult to get rid of.

4. Safe And Sound Mind

Lately, there has been an increased level of focus on mental health. With everything that is happening in the world regarding the pandemic, anxiety regarding health has been building up. Due to the novel Coronavirus, people were forced into their houses and were asked to be confined within. If people cannot even attain peace in their homes, it will all be pointless. If the apartment is maintained well and is void of such harmful creatures, the people living and visiting the apartment can at least have something to worry less about.


Whenever people hear about pest control, they believe that it will turn out to be an entirely chemical-infused solution that will be sprayed all over the place. The typical paranoia is that the chemical will turn out to be harmful to human health in the long run. Although many service providers use toxic chemicals that can have side effects, there are professional pest control services that use prescribed ingredients only.

The conditions that may cause a difference in the requirement of the treatment have been mentioned before. However, on average, the services should have opted for quarterly or every three months. Sometimes, the frequency can be increased further if the problem is recurring, but consistency is the crux of the process.

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