4 Tips For Decluttering Your Home Or Office – In 2024

A cluttered space is often a reflection of a cluttered mind. The idea of living a simple and minimalist lifestyle is an idea that entices a lot of people. And with the emergence of trends like the KonMari method from the book of Marie Kondo, people are starting to see the value in owning less and having an organized space.

Oftentimes, however, people tend to feel stressed or overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning up and organizing. This is very understandable. Organizing is a tiresome job and it often takes a long time to finish. With the tips listed below, you can make your decluttering project manageable.

1. Throw Away Broken Or Old Items

Out with the old and in with the new as they say. You have to say goodbye to broken items or things you no longer use. You’ve probably grown an attachment to that old dress that’s been sitting in your closet for three years but be honest with yourself – there’s a slim chance you’ll be using that again.

If you’re not planning to use a certain object ever again, then you have to toss it out or donate it. That old dress will probably make someone else happy.


The same applies to furniture and items you no longer use because they’re either broken or too old to be functional.

Here is a list of more items you should start saying goodbye to:

  • Broken Furniture: You’ve probably been telling yourself that you’ll get that damaged furniture of yours upholstered or fixed someday. However, it would be better to throw away something that’s just collecting dust in your room or office. Start dragging it to the curb now and you might be surprised at how spacious your house or office is.
  • Outdated Electronics: You’ll probably never touch that outdated and decades-old device you have in your drawer. It might be high time to clear them out. If you want to make some money out of your old devices, then you might want to try trading them in. There are brands like Apple that can offer you credit when you trade in your old iPhone. Or, you can always give it to someone in need.
  • Old Crafts And DIY Supplies: If you have graying crafts or office supplies that you’ve never finished, then clearing them out will probably make you feel more refreshed. That’s better than having them stored in your drawers somewhere.

2. Keep Only The Things You Need

Sometimes it’s easier to just throw away everything you no longer need and use. Then, you can rebuild your collection again. But this time, only buy things you’re actually going to use.

You can look at this situation similarly to how you look at your apps on your phone. If you have more applications, then you’ll have more app icons on your homepage. But when you clear them out, you will then realize how infrequent you use them.

This mentality is also applicable to your home and office space. You most probably own a lot of items that you haven’t used in a while. They’re doing nothing for you other than sit in your drawer.

They may not even be helping you increase your productivity. Instead, they might be taking up your time by having to repeatedly put them away now and again. So, storing only the things you’ll surely use will greatly help with your productivity.


3. Declutter One Space At A Time

If you tend to feel overwhelmed by the number of things you have to organize, then you can try starting small and focusing on one area at a time. This way, you’ll see more of the desired results. You’ll also feel more accomplished every time you successfully clean an area.

Plus, seeing a clean and organized area in your home or office will motivate you to clean the remaining spaces as well.

You can even schedule cleaning each room. That way, it will not be too exhausting. For instance, you can allot an hour for one room then another for the next day. This will likewise prevent you from bringing out all of your items in one go, making your space inconvenient to pass through.

Moreover, remember to keep your things organized after you declutter, especially if you have a small apartment or office space. By doing this, you can avoid a major decluttering project now and then.


4. Digitally Store Documents

Because of digital transformation, there has been little need for paper storage, especially in offices. Since laptops and electronic devices are typically used for working, you might benefit more by switching to digitizing your important documents.

Remember to store the ones you’ll truly need and to have multiple backups. Through this, you won’t risk losing your files.

Here are some ideas you can use when organizing your files:

  • Create a folder for all of your meeting documents and label them accordingly. You can even add additional folders to group similar files together.
  • Create an archives folder. Are you done with that document but afraid that you might need it again in the future? Then archive it. Just make sure to name it properly so that you won’t forget where to find it.
  • Organize your files regularly. Using your device can cause disorganization at some point. This is natural. This is why you have to take some time every now and then to organize your files. This way, you can ensure they’re stored in the right folders.


There are plenty of benefits to decluttering your space and disposing of items you don’t need. You’ll save yourself the headache of having to go through a huge pile of items whenever you need something. You’ll also be avoiding over-consumerism, which can also be harmful to the environment.

You’ll also have fewer things to clean and organize. Plus, you won’t have to feel the stress and nausea of looking at a messy space. Most importantly, if you only buy things that you know you need, you’ll be helping your future self financially.

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