Is There Any Weight Limit For Hoverboards – 2024 Guide

Hoverboards took the world by storm a few years ago, and everyone fell in love with them. Everyone wanted to have, one and it seems that their popularity still hasn’t decreased. However, it appears that some people don’t fully understand how these work.

One of the most common issues people face is the weight limit. It may not seem important because you see people just hopping on a hoverboard, and it goes smoothly. Still, it is not that simple, and in the following text, we will discuss this feature.

Why should you care about it?

Nowadays, there are many companies that manufacture these devices, meaning that each of them has a specific set of features and exact weight limit. This has to be the first thing you inquire about when inspecting different models while searching for the perfect hoverboard for you. Make sure to take your weight into consideration before making a purchase.

Why? Well, to ensure the device’s best performance and durability. What do we mean by performance? Well, first of all, there is the matter of speed. You cannot expect to move at speed written on the manual if your weight exceeds the limit. The hoverboard simply won’t be powerful enough to transport you at a certain rate. Then, there is the matter of battery life. Each of these is created to carry a certain weight, and if you exceed that restriction, the device will have to use more power, meaning that its battery life will be significantly shorter than it should be.


Finally, there is the frame that will probably bend and eventually break. In a nutshell, if you don’t take your weight into consideration when buying a hoverboard, not only will you not have the best experience, but you will also shorten its lifespan, so eventually, you will just be throwing money down the drain.

What is the weight limit?

As already mentioned, there are different types of hoverboards, meaning that there isn’t a universal answer to this question. Generally speaking, these can support a weight between 120lbs and 400lbs, but this is something that depends on the size of the wheels.


So, the smallest one is 4.5-inch, and this one is recommended for children since it can support up to 120lbs. Then, there is a 6.5-inch one that has the optimal speed of 7.5mph and the limit of 220lbs. The 8.5-inch one is, without a doubt, the most popular hoverboard, not only because it has a limit of 260lbs but because you can ride it on any kind of terrain without any difficulty. Finally, there is a 10-inch one which is the sturdiest and most powerful device, and it can support up to 400lbs. Make sure to inspect the features of each of these before making a purchase, and you can learn more at

Is there a minimum limit?


Yes, there is. Naturally, we are talking about children. No, you shouldn’t let your kids ride your hoverboard, but instead, get them their own. Why? Well, if you have a 10-inch one, it will be too powerful for them, meaning that they won’t be able to control it. If they cannot control it and balance it, they will be prone to accidents.

When it comes to the minimum weight requirement, it is usually 44lbs. Nevertheless, there is also an age limit, even though it may differ between manufacturers. Generally speaking, this limit is between 8 and 12 years of age, so make sure to check the device’s description before making a purchase.

As you can see, this is merely a matter of safety, which should be your main priority. Even though these are designed to provide you and your kids with endless hours of fun, they can still pose a danger if not used properly. So, if you want to go on a ride together as a family, make sure that each one of you has a hoverboard that will keep you safe. Sharing a single device with your kids simply won’t work because either you will damage it, or they will not be able to operate it. It is as simple as that.

What happens if you ignore this?


Well, taking into consideration that we have discussed these requirements in great detail, let us tell you what the consequences are of not getting the right hoverboard. The most important thing you have to understand is that none of these issues will occur after the first ride on your brand new scooter. This may lead you to think that none will happen in the future, but this is not true.

The first thing you have to think about is the frame. Yes, it is designed to be durable, but only to a certain point. If you exceed the weight limit, the frame will start to crack over time, and it will eventually break, leaving all the inside electronics exposed. Naturally, it won’t take long before these fail as well.

Furthermore, the frame won’t be the only thing supporting this pressure. The wheels, brackets, and screws will start deteriorating. You may lose a wheel while riding down the street, and as you can assume, this can be quite dangerous since it can cause a serious fall or injury.


Lastly, there is also a motor that you have to think about. We have already mentioned that if you exceed this limit, the hoverboard will use more power than it is supposed to, which will affect not only the battery life, but also the motor itself. If you continue using this device, the motor will eventually fail.

In addition, there is another thing you have to think about even if you get the right hoverboard. That’s right. We are talking about additional baggage. Simple bags and backpacks shouldn’t be an issue, but you still have to be careful about any extra weight you want to carry with you. Due to this reason, you should think about why you want to get this device and how you will use it. It is quite simple. If you get the one that is within your weight restriction, but you still decide to carry additional baggage that will make you go over that limit, you will soon start to notice all the above-mentioned consequences.

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