How to Upgrade Your PvP Gear Faster in WoW Shadowlands

World of Warcraft has a wide fanbase. With millions of active players, each new patch is played with renewed vigor. So it is natural that everyone wants the best capabilities they can get in Player vs. Player. There are numerous changes to gearing up and leveling up with each new patch upgrade. In PvP, you will have to get to higher levels for gearing up, which is what this article will help you figure out.

How to Get 220+ iLVL PVP Gear in the Fastest Way

You will have to be dedicated to the hustle and keep trying hard to gear up since this will ultimately get you above 220+ iLVL.

Buy a Boost

There are numbers boosting services you can explore when it comes to easing yourself into the game and reaching PvP faster. You will be able to secure elite gear in no time. It is an investment worth having because you will be able to get into the main action straightaway.

Boosting allows you to excel through the expertise of seasoned partners who will get you nothing but the best in WoW Shadowlands. Since getting good gear is a priority, you can choose a boosting service that caters to that specific demand. If you are wondering where, to begin with, a boosting service, check out

Reaching Level 60

Your first priority should be to reach level 60 as fast as possible, and then you will be able to make the jump to a higher level through multiple methods.

The Auction House

Now from here, the most common method recommended for any player is to buy some gear from the auction house. It is not the best you can get, but it is a start if you want to jump to PvP in Shadowlands. The auction house will give you lower prices for the gear so take it if you are going to jump to better gear.

Most of your fellow players will recommend it because it would not cost a lot of gold and will help you jump straight to 151 iLVL. However, it is by no means necessary. As a matter of personal choice, you have the option to choose a different direction which is through Farming Honor.

Farming Honor

Playing battlegrounds in Shadowlands is the most efficient way to level up and get better gear. If you are skipping on the gear from the Auction House, make sure to jump into Farming Honor. You can play random battlegrounds as per your interest which will allow you to eventually get in possession of some good gear.

Focus on random battlegrounds, make it a priority even. If you can get inside a premade, it will be the best. Make sure to be informed about different quests that will get you more honor than is designated in a battleground. For instance, the quest Observing Battle will give you extra Honor, which will reduce your time invested in getting better gear. The highest iLVL you can achieve through Farming Honor is 171.

Even if you have managed to save up enough Honor points, you will be able to upgrade iLVL based on your player preferences. For example, if you do not want to play Mythic Dungeons, you can go ahead and choose to upgrade your gear through your saved-up Honor Points.



Most players should know the gear you get through Dungeons is a good thing. If you play through Dungeons, the maximum iLVL you can reach is 158, more than the gear you get at the auction house gets you. iLVL 171 is awarded through Heroics, so knowing this will be a good thing in case you do decide to go down this path later on.

Another addition to this list will be doing the Mythic Dungeons, which are more than capable of getting you to reach 177 iLVL. In total, you can go through 8 Mythic Dungeons. Depending on which boss you defeat, you have the chance of reaching 184 iLVL. A reason why you should try dungeons is that you are required to have an iLVL higher than 151 if you are participating in groups. Some have this basic threshold of iLVL, so it is best to raise your iLVL through Dungeons.

A side note: If you want to reach iLVL 207, you will have to kill one of the four top bosses weekly. Finding the right group to do this with will not be complex. The best part? You do not have any minimum gear requirement to try out for this.

Reaching the High-Level Gear

The high-level PvP gear already is the most popular one and has plenty of information about it. But we will cover it systematically so that you can get an idea of how to ascend level by level by playing through battlegrounds, dungeons, and quests. The gear upgrade will depend on your rating, so make sure you are aware of that as well.

At 200 iLVL, you are eligible for Unranked gear only. You can upgrade to Challenger at 206 iLVL. The more you grow with iLVL, the better gear you can get, for instance, Rival at 213 iLVL and Duelist at 220 iLVL. The topmost level is the Elite gear which you can get at 226 iLVL. Boosting to Elite gear is what many players are opting for, but if you do not want to, keep on playing, and you will reach there.


The Takeaway

You will have to work hard for a little bit to reach better gears faster. There is no quick solution, except maybe boating services. If you do want to go through the entire game yourself, you will have to make smarter choices and pick quotes and battlegrounds that will reward you handsomely. Be open to new challenges and try out Dungeons if you want to because the chances of upward mobility are high. Just do not forget to have fun throughout.

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