4 Common Mistakes All WoW Rookies Make at Dueling

When you’re new to the World of Warcraft mistakes can happen. They can happen with ease. Being a rookie is not an easy feat. Of course, we’re not talking about rookies in sports such as NBA or NFL, but WoW can be challenging for the new player all the same. Do you play this game? Millions of people do. The competition is vast, and being new to this world can be hard for some, especially when it comes to dueling. New players are prone to mistakes, which is not surprising considering how deep this game is.

If you’re even remotely familiar with the World of Warcraft you know how old this game is, and how much it evolved during the years. New iterations bring changes and even more experienced players adjust slowly to all the novelties. Dueling is a major part of this game, so you won’t be surprised when tell you that mistakes are what plagues new and young players. Not every man can be LeBron James and have a perfect rookie season or in this case a winning first WoW duel. If you want another sports parallel let us remind you that not even the great late Kobe Bryant didn’t do all that well in his first season.

So, when you’re a rookie in the World of Warcraft we’re going to forgive you the early hiccups. Also, don’t think you’re the only one who has rookie mistakes. As we said, millions of people all over the world play this game. With each passing day we have a few new players, and a few mistakes they’re going to make. Once we start listing the four common mistakes all wow rookies make at dueling you’ll see how similar you’re to all of the other younger players in this fantastic world. Let’s start.

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1. Not Knowing The Etiquette


World of Warcraft is all about chivalry. Many young players don’t get this. There are rules. Not in-game rules, but more a silent arrangement between the players. When you’re new it is easy to want to prove yourself through a few duels, but this is not the right approach without consulting a few older players. Even if you don’t know too many other players, it doesn’t matter. Do you know why? Well, there’s this article. We’re going to walk you through a few basic rules for engaging other players.

First of all, you need to ask people if they even want a duel. Don’t go around challenging people who are not in the mood for it. You need to be aware of other’s people’s intentions. You’re not allowed to spam a fighter who doesn’t want a fight, nor you’re free to challenge people who are busy with another aspect of the game. Backtrack to start. You need to ensure that your opponent is in the mood for a duel. Also, if you’re wise enough, you won’t be challenging people who are levels above you. You can’t win and you’ll be wasting everyone’s time. Level up, or get a boost

2. Positioning


We’re not talking about Football Manager here, and positioning in center backs, but it is equally important. When you’re a rookie in WoW you’re no Leonardo Bonucci that’s for sure. But, you need to start learning quickly. The famed Juventus and Italy CB had a slowly rising curve, but there was a time when he was at the top of the game at his position. When it comes to WoW if you don’t want to be a loser for a while you need to learn fats.

Positioning is the place where to start. This trait is especially important if you’re playing as melee. WoW doesn’t pardon the rookies and the faster you learn the more duels are you going to win. This part is not entirely up to you. No, you also need to be aware of your enemies. This is what makes positioning so hard, especially when there are more fighters included. Duels in WoW are not necessarily conducted one on one. While you probably won’t have access to training facilities and teammates as Leonardo did, you have a few excuses not to master your positioning skills.

3. Not Iteming Properly


World of Warcraft is so popular thanks to its diversity. One of the most diversified games in terms of weapons and armors is without a doubt WoW. We’re not even going to mention all the magical items you can collect within this amazing world. What rookies tend to do is to be selective about the item they carry with them. In a period you know little about a game as a whole you can’t discard anything. Many rookies do precisely that. They enter a duel not carrying enough weapons or armor.

The goal of a duel is to win. It is always better to have more than to have less in this department. This is logical, right? It is. Don’t discard anything. In the World of Warcraft, you can never have enough items on you. This is a lesson best learned early on. So, if you’re an owner of PvP gear don’t be shy of wearing it out to the battleground. As you could have seen, The Mountain went out fully armored against a smaller opponent without any armor in Oberyn Martell. We all know how that ended. It was a stalemate, but with a bit of poison and misfortune included, we know.

4. Not Monitoring The Enemy


A duel is not a one-sided battle. It is not all up to you. Not by a fair margin. Your enemy needs all the attention you can give him. The most important aspect to look after when the duel starts is the opposition’s cast bar. This is where a lot of information is hidden and you need to get them to have better chances of winning. You need to know what’s coming for you. Casting is an important part of WOW, and it mustn’t be ignored. Casts can give you massive damage and you need to have one eye on them. It is essential to know when a cast is coming from an enemy.

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