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A sampling of the services we provide..

Regardless of whether you are a first time computer user, power user, business user or Internet gamer, we are dedicated to providing you with quality equipment and components along with excellent service and reliability. You won’t find any flashing lights, neon signs, cute dialogue or false promises. What you will find is our promise that we will provide you with quality at a fair price, backed by uncompromising service.

Can you purchase a computer elsewhere for less, yes! There are hundreds of super stores and low budget  operations on virtually every corner just waiting to impress you with an offer or deal of a lifetime. Caveat Emptor, “Let the buyer beware”. Two important and very old adages that you may want to consider, “You get what you pay for!” and “You don’t get anything for nothing”.

Personal Computers and Workstations.

We have custom built computers for Home and Home Business that will fit nearly every budget. The combinations of Intel boxed processors, along with hundreds of different motherboards, memory types (100MHz, 133MHz and Rambus), video cards, sound cards, modems and drives is almost endless.

Power Workstations for Home, Business and Enterprise customers.

We have custom configurations utilizing the latest motherboard, memory and processor technology available today. Whether you are looking to process data, engage in intensive graphics manipulation or edit video and audio, we have the power workstation to fill your need. Unlike most manufacturers who expect you to make your applications work on their computers, our computers and workstations are custom built around the applications you intend to use.

Data, Print and Web Servers.

Regardless of whether you need a small server for use at home use, or a server for use in small, medium or enterprise level types of operations, we have the resources to build a server to handle your work load.

Build to Specification Services:

Personal Computers and Workstations:
Many times people have a reasonable idea of the components they would like in their personal computers or workstations, but they may not have either the resources or the technical expertise to determine whether the mix of components will be compatible. This aside, then there are the issues of assembly and testing.

It is often too late after you have purchased all of the components, assembled the PC and then installed your applications only to learn that you have hardware compatibility problems. We can easily handle all of this for you by matching the components you would like to assemble against our test data to see if there may be a compatibility problem. If there are known issues, we can suggest equivalent substitutes, build and then test the system for you. When you receive your PC, it will be ready for your applications.

If your designing a small home or home office network, medium to large scale office LAN/WAN network, enterprise level LAN/WAN or providing Web or other Internet services, we can build the server to your exacting specifications.

Many times mass manufacturers offer server combinations that are either over-kill or considerably under-powered and inefficient. We can build the exact server you needs along with scalability for the future.

Upgrade Solutions to satisfy every need.

Each time we watch television or view websites, it seems as though faster computers with even greater capacities are being released each week, with each being touted as better than the next.

While personal computers have evolved to the point where they are more and more powerful every day, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your present PC has suddenly become obsolete or an antique. The important issue is to have a computer that will run all of the applications that you need, when you need them without crashes and occasional lockups.

While it is true that not every computer can be successfully upgraded, there are a great many that can be, and at a significant savings. Our upgrade department provides full upgrade consultations and services for most computers manufactured over the last ten years. Based entirely upon the applications you want to run on your PC, we will provide you with an honest appraisal of your present PC’s capabilities as well as what would be required to upgrade to the standards you require.

Even if your present computer cannot be upgraded on a cost effective basis, we have a number of plans available to allow you to recover some value rather than relegating it to the trash bin. Please contact us if you have an interest in such a plan. Click this link and send us an email with the specifics about your present computer.

Network Design, Installation and Maintenance Services.

Whether you have a small two-computer network at home, in your office, or a large 1000+ workstation network, we have the resources and technicians available to assist you.

Contemplating building a network? Let us help you design it, building it and bring it on line quickly and efficiently.

On Site and Off Site Repair Services. 

Need on site or off site diagnostics and repair services for your PC’s, Workstations and Servers?

You’ve purchased your new computer from your local stationary store or the super store near by, then discovered that you need service only to learn that the only service available is to bring it to the store or ship it back to the manufacturer. The only problem is what to do in the meantime without your computer. Obviously, if it’s covered by a warranty you will need to abide by the warranty conditions, but what if it isn’t covered by a warranty? Are you going to stop doing what you do at home? Are you going to stop doing business?

We offer two types of services to assist you:

Per Incident.
We can provide you with an emergency “per incident” form of service, where repairs and support services are provided on a need basis only. In this case, the only services that are performed are those necessary to restore your computer or server to a functional status.

Service Contracts.
We have service contracts available for any level of support services you require regardless of whether you purchase your computer or server from us or someone else. Each service contract is tailored to the needs of the individual customer.

Extended Warranty Services.

Troubled by that one year warranty on your new computer?

While most of our computers come with a one year warranty on all components as well as extended warranties on the processor and memory, most manufacturers limit their warranty to one year overall. Obviously this presents a problem with anything electronic.

If you have a new computer and are concerned about your warranty, or you would like to explore the possibility of an extended warranty, up to five (5) years, please contact us by clicking this link. Send us an email and describe your new computer. We would be happy to provide you with the initial details about an extended warranty, even if the computer wasn’t purchased from us.

Replacement Components.

We stock replacement components for most makes and models of computers and servers that have been sold over the last five to ten years. Of course we cannot stock everything, however our distribution network does enable us to locate and fill 99% of the orders we receive for older computers and servers.

Need a Web presence?

As a bCentral Partner, we have the resources, technology and people-power available to help you:

  • Register your own .COM, .ORG, .NET
  • Locate a host for your Website
  • Design your web presence
  • Create your own branded logo
  • Create your graphics and images
  • Project your business or personal image
  • Maintain your website

Please feel free to contact us for details. Just send us an email and tell us a little about what you would like to do.

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