Thank You

  • Send you a confirming email to clarify your component list.

  • We will then discuss with you how you would like to use your new computer, as well as what types of software packages you intend to use.

  • Next, we will help you during the decision process to determine the type of case you would like, as well as motherboard, processor, memory and other components your require in order to have your new computer function as it should with the intended software.

  • Next, we will ask you which software packages you wish us to install for you, as well as those that you intend to install yourself. As an example, we will ask you whether or not you wish us to install and register the operating system for you (preferred). If we do this, then we will also install all available operating system updates as of the date of shipment of the computer to you. (Sorry, we do not install Linux products at this time!)

  • Lastly, we will furnish you with a firm price for delivery to your door via Federal Express.

 We will be in touch with you shortly!

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