9 Steps to Effective Online Shopping, How to Successfully Buy Clothing Online

Everyone wants to save money and make wise purchasing decisions. Everyone wants to reduce frustration and save time.

Want to learn my top tips for shopping online for clothes?

That’s great! These are my plans to share them with you right now, so please stay there.

1. Know what you are looking for

  • A list is essential.
  • It is important to understand what you should have in your core wardrobe.
  • It is a good idea to subscribe to several men’s fashion blogs online.
  • Many of them offer tips and tricks. These guides will give your insight into what every man should wear.
  • These blogs will help you to create your own list of what should be in your core wardrobe.

My Style System guys know that I have already compiled this list so let me move on to the next.

2. Budget


You should know how much you are willing to spend on each piece of clothing. Let’s look at the suit. A well-fitted suit is a must for every man’s wardrobe. Let’s suppose you are about to graduate from university and get your Master’s degree in Economics.

You are finishing your dissertation. Now you are ready to interview with many consulting firms, banks, and even big companies like A good suit will cost you at least $500.

Some of you might need to alter the shirt and shoes, while others may require large-scale, high-end jobs.

3. Identifying Quality

Sticking with a quality brand is one of the best ways to determine quality online. Let’s look at suits once again. Brooks Brothers. Let’s say that you are looking for casual wear. You are looking for casual wear that can be worn out with friends or on weekends.

You don’t have to be embarrassed about how you dress if you meet a potential client. Let’s say we have Timberland as our example. Timberland makes some great casual wear.

Let’s say that you are looking for jeans. You might also consider Levi’s. Levi’s makes some great casual wear. Their trucker jacket is a favorite of mine. These things are basically the same as point 1. Know what you want, then budget for it, and then determine quality.

One of the best ways to do this is to work with brands. Let’s suppose you find a deal that seems great but you don’t know much about the brand. They don’t really know anything about you. Look for little details.

Let’s look at a dress shirt. Look out for buttons made of mother-of-pearl. Look out for collar stays that can be removed. These are a sign of quality. You’ll often have to check out what others are saying online.

4. Focusing on Fit


It used to be very difficult for vendors to do this on the internet. The size of the clothing was not disclosed by vendors. They are now able to give the exact dimensions and quality of the clothing, which is a lot of the time. However, it is important to know your measurements in order to determine what size will fit you.

You should also measure what clothing you are most comfortable with. Although I’m sure most of you won’t do this, it can save you time and frustration when shopping online.

5. Comparing Price

This is why I did not rank it number one. I believe that price isn’t the most important factor when shopping online.

6. Return Policy


It is important to think about the company you work for and consider other factors, such as a return policy.

I would rather spend more money with a company with a great return program than save money with a company I have never heard of that has a terrible return policy and rips me off.

7. Shipping Costs

I love Amazon Prime. I only pay $80 per year and get all the updates. If I have any problems, I can send it back immediately at no cost. These are all important.

Some companies do not accept returns on final sales. The return policy is null and some companies will state on the shipping cost that $10 is required to ship the item.

8. Sales & Discount Codes


Online sales are very quick. These websites let you know when there are a lot of sales happening on the internet. To monitor sales at companies, you could set up Google alerts. You should search for discount codes whenever you shop.

9. Buyer Protection

When shopping online, do not use your debit card. If you need to get your money back, the money will have already left the bank. Credit cards, however, can be very useful, especially for American Express.

Many of you outside the US don’t have American Express, but can still find credit cards that offer good protection. PayPal has a very good protection policy.

PayPal is something I use quite often. If you have any problems with the company, you can go to the credit card company. The company will then be able to resolve the problem.

It’s almost like having a large bodyguard behind your back. They come in and, in a certain sense, they won’t just believe you.

Although they may be able to open a dispute, most companies don’t want the hassle. They’d rather have your money back than a bad relationship with the credit card company.

There you have it. These nine points were hit. You can return to them and read them again.

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