How to Accept Credit Card Payments Online for Free

Every year there are more and more new payment methods in the world. But there is still no universal, user-friendly way. User preferences change depending on the country and the device from which they are accessing the site. Very close to the ideal are credit cards, the popularity of which is growing year by year. It is not only one of the most common credit card payment methods, but also the most profitable one available.

If you work with credit cards all the time, I’m sure you’d like to know a lot more about credit card options and accepting payments, as well as some information on comparing different credit cards. What’s more, you can find all this valuable and useful information on this site There is a huge number of articles on the topic of credit cards and their use, so for a co-free use of cards, you are advised to visit this site and learn all the benefits of your card.

Today I will talk in more detail about processing payments through bank cards; what you need to know and what to prepare for if you are just going to connect them; how to do it for free. In general, this article is intended for unprepared readers, but the experts may find something interesting as well.

Why Is It Difficult to Accept Plastic Card Payments?


You’d think what’s complicated about it? One simple form where the user enters his card details and clicks the pay button. People process the request, send it to the bank, and that’s it, the money will soon be in their account. In an ideal world, this is how it happens, but in the real world, it’s a little different.

If you want to accept payments by bank cards, then first of all you have to ensure the security of user data. To do this, major payment systems such as Visa, Master Card, Diners, and others have developed a payment card industry security standard – PCI DSS. It is a big list of requirements that must be met by the company as well as the process of application development and the configuration of equipment used.

The second problem is the protection against fraudulent transactions, in other words, fraud. The site can be used not only by legitimate users but also by fraudsters who use stolen credit card data to make purchases. After such a purchase the cardholder will receive a statement with incomprehensible transactions and will go to the bank to request a refund. After a while, he gets his money back, but the company gets a fine from the payment system.

Last but not least on the list is the percentage of successful transactions. Even if there is enough money on the card and all systems involved in the payment work like clockwork, the bank that issued the card may simply reject the transaction if it does not like something or seems suspicious.

Online Payments


To accept online payments, you have to add at least one payment gateway to your site. Card payments are a very important part of any e-commerce business. However, not all payment processors are created equal. Now I suggest looking at the main ones.

1. Stripe

A very good option for credit and debit card payments is Stripe. This payment provider can handle one-time and recurring payments and can be used on both desktop and mobile devices. Stripe currently accepts 135+ currencies.

2. Square

A popular choice for online transactions is Square – just connect your Square account to accept payments. Fun fact: Businesses that sell alcohol, tobacco, and similar products are supported by Square.

3. Digital Wallets

The use of digital wallets is quickly gaining popularity, especially because they allow customers to save payment and shipping information for later use. Digital wallets make it as easy as clicking a button to buy goods and services online. Conveniently, digital wallets can work simultaneously with card processing providers.

With more than 325 million users worldwide, PayPal is undoubtedly one of the most popular digital wallets today. Thanks to widespread trust in the brand, PayPal also converts more on average than other payment options. In the U.S., PayPal’s processing fee is 2.9% per transaction plus an additional flat fee.

Why Aren’t All Payments Successful?


On the way from the buyer to the bank that issued the card, the withdrawal request goes through many systems. In addition to the merchant, the process involves:

  • A payment gateway or aggregator, which may provide other payment methods;
  • Acquirer-bank – a bank that is connected to different payment systems and provides payment processing services on plastic cards only;
  • Payment systems (Visa, Master Card, etc.);
  • Issuing bank – a bank that issued the card with which a user tries to pay for a service.

Each stage of the transaction has its own moments that can affect its success.

Advantages of Cashless Payment by Card


Is it worth giving preference to non-cash payment with a card? In most cases, paying with a bank card is much more convenient than paying in cash. First of all, you free your wallet from a big amount of bills. If your wallet has no cash, he is not interested in fraudsters, respectively, you cannot worry about your safety. If you lose your wallet, you can restore your card, but you won’t get your cashback.

Cashless payment is sometimes simply necessary, for example, if there is not enough cash. You’ll save yourself the embarrassment of a difficult situation and you’ll continue to be a welcomed customer. If you are a business owner, then the ability to pay by card will draw attention to the business and provide enough customers.

Thus, it becomes clear that the acceptance of credit cards and debit cards as payment instruments is now possible in many areas. Depending on the conditions, sellers of goods or services use different devices for accepting plastic cards. Payment cards are quite common today. Bank cards are used as a payment tool in many organizations. The simplicity of the operation saves time, both the client and the company. This method of payment virtually eliminates queues, at the same time the seller does not need to look for change, because the terminal will withdraw from the account exactly the amount required to the exact penny.

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