submenu MS-DOS Command

Type: Internal (6.0 and later)


SUBMENU=blockname, [menutext]

Purpose: Used in the CONFIG.SYS file to create a multilevel menu from which you can select start-up options .


The SUBMENU command can only be used within a menu block in your CONFIG.SYS file. Up to nine SUBMENU commands are allowed in each menu block. When using the menus created with SUBMENU, you can return to a higher level menu by pressing the Backspace key.


blockname – Specifies the name of the submenu DOS will display when this menu item is selected. A blockname can be up to 70 characters long but cannot include the following characters: \ / . ; = [ ]. menutext – Indicates the text you want displayed for this menu line. You can use up to 70 characters, including spaces. If you do not specify the menu text, DOS will display the blockname in the menu.


If you wanted to create a menu of options to load from the CONFIG.SYS file on startup, you could include a SUBMENU command in place of a MENUITEM command within the main menu. For example, you might want to open a submenu called DEVICES when the third option in the main menu is selected.

To do this you would enter the following [startup] menuitem=minimum, Start with Minimum Configuration menuitem= maximum, Start with Maximum Configuration submenu=devices, Load Devices

The menu options defined in the menu block named DEVICES would be displayed when option three of the main menu was selected. You could return to the main menu by pressing the Backspace key.

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