menucolor MS-DOS Command

Type: Internal (6.0 and later)



Purpose: Used in the CONFIG.SYS file to set the colors that will be used by DOS to display text on the screen.


The MENUCOLOR command can only be used inside a menu block within your CONFIG.SYS file. The colors specified will be used by DOS to display all text. If you do not use the MENUCOLOR command, DOS will display white text on a black background. If you want to set the background color, you must set the foreground color first. However, you can change the foreground color without changing the background. The colors that you select using the MENUCOLOR command stay in effect until another command, or a program, resets them. If you run CLS, the screen colors will be set back to the default of white text on a black background. If you find that the text on your screen is blinking, try setting the background color to a lower value (below 7).


textcolor – Specifies the color (0 to 15) to be used for foreground text. background – Specifies the color (0 to 15) to be used for background colors. Value______Color______Value______Color 0_________ black_______ 8________Gray 1_________ Blue_______ 9________ Bright Blue 2_________ Green______10________Bright Green 3_________ Cyan_______11_______Bright Cyan 4_________ Red_______ 12_______ Bright Red 5_________ Magenta____13_______ Bright Magenta 6_________ Brown_____ 14_______ Yellow 7_________ White_____ 15________Bright White For more information on the MENUCOLOR command, refer to Chapter 6, Tips for Advanced Users.


To set the foreground text to blue and the background text to bright white, enter the following line in your CONFIG.SYS file: menucolor=1,15

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