include MS-DOS Command

Type: Internal (6.0 and later)


INCLUDE= blockname

Purpose: Used in the CONFIG.SYS file to allow you to use the commands from one CONFIG.SYS block within another.


The INCLUDE command is very useful if you find you are repeating the same commands within your CONFIG.SYS file. You can put a group of configuration commands in one configuration block within the CONFIG.SYS file and then refer back to that configuration block from other configuration blocks by using the INCLUDE=blockname command. A configuration block begins with a name, enclosed in square brackets, followed by a list of configuration commands to be associated with that block name. Option blockname – Specifies the name of the configuration block to be included in the active configuration block. The INCLUDE command can only be used within a configuration block in your CONFIG.SYS file.


To add one block of configuration commands (NORMAL) within another (SPECIAL), use the INCLUDE command to name the second block as in the following example:

[special] buffers=20 lastdrive=h include=normal [normal] stacks=9,256 device=ansi.sys switches=/n

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