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Students Can Start Their Own Startup At College

The world has seen students produce more than good grades in college. Some have created world winning brands like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, among others, while still in college. It is enough motivation for college students to start their businesses and still pursue their academic goals. It can be difficult …

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6 Reasons Why Your Startup Isn’t Getting New Clients

Starting your own business is a stressful but yet rewarding career path. You had an idea, you implemented it right and you started to blow up. While you are still a startup company, you need to upgrade in order to keep making a profit. Achieving that is not going to …

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5 Great Startups that Became Successful Based on ML Innovations

The advancement of technology allows businesses and companies all around the world to improve their customer satisfaction, make larger profits, and produce items that make their customers happier. Understanding the data at your hand, especially when it comes to your customers’ habits, interests, and purchase patterns is extremely difficult, and …

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