Luxury Glass Bongs Need More or Less Cleaning?

Various products made of cannabis and additional equipment became very popular in recent years after many countries decided to make this plant legal. The best thing is that you can find so many different products. Therefore, there is something for any kind of taste and preference.

People who are interested only in health benefits can find products that don’t contain THC, while those that do are still a more popular option. Another great thing is that you can experiment with different methods of consumption. The most common is standard smoking, but if you want to bring it to a higher level, you should try pipe or bong.

Moreover, working in this industry can be an excellent business idea since you can achieve higher flexibility and target different groups of people. If you are interested in targeting real cannabis enthusiasts, the best solution would be to sell premium bongs and pipes. There are some excellent wholesale deals for glass bongs that you can check at

There are some important things to know about glass bongs. First of all, the main reason why people prefer this option is that the intensity is much higher. However, cleaning is very important. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the most important things that you should know about cleaning glass bongs, and is there a difference between cheap and luxury types when it comes to cleaning.

Why You Should Choose Premium Glass Bongs?


The common misconception among people with less experience is that the quality of the bong is not that important. However, you will notice the difference once you switch to some luxurious version. One of the biggest benefits is related to the quality of glass, which has a much higher resistance to heat and provides longer durability and stability.

Also, each part is crafted especially for smokers. Therefore, a good experience is guaranteed. You won’t face a situation where you will be struggling with smoking. A lot of these premium products contain additional substances that are cooling the smoke before you inhale it. According to experienced smokers, this is the best taste that you can experience when using a bong.

Another great thing about these products is that they often come in a unique design. Combined with exceptional characteristics, your bong can become even more expensive over time. There are many collection models, and some of them can reach a much higher price since this market is getting more and more popular. Therefore, becoming a collector of premium bongs can be a profitable business.

How Often Should You Clean It?


The best practice is to clean your bong after every use. That is related to both cheap and premium models. There are many downsides to using a dirty model over and over again. First of all, you are risking health issues since there will be toxic waste deposited in this tool caused by the smoke. Also, it can affect the taste next time when you use it. The main difference between affordable and luxury items is that the second option is much easier for cleaning, especially when you leave it dirty for a longer time.

Also, it will require more time for it to collect a lot of dirt. Therefore, using it a couple of times in a row without cleaning won’t be a big problem. On the other side, cheaper models won’t work properly after one session. There are various products that you can find for proper cleaning. The alternative is to use alcohol and table salt. However, keep in mind that salt can damage the glass, while alcohol is not safe since there are highly flammable parts.

Premium models often come with special caps that you can use to close each hole before cleaning. You can do that to fill it with a special liquid that will clean each part of it. Besides that, you can use the brush for the parts with leftovers of cannabis. If you want to make this process easier, the best option is to buy a detachable model and save a lot of time on cleaning.

The frequency of cleaning also depends on how often you are using it. For instance, if you prefer smoking every day, cleaning it all the time can be struggling. When you have a luxury model, you can clean it once every two days without any issues. However, be sure to replace the water inside regularly since it can become toxic.

Keeping the water fresh will also improve the taste and prevent deposits of bacteria and dirt. Those who are not using it so frequently should always keep the water inside fresh before use. Also, it is simple to determine when it is time for cleaning. When there are visible signs of dirt and the glass starts to change its color. Moderate users can clean it only once per week without any issues.

Before you start with the cleaning process, be sure to remove the glass parts and make sure that each part of the bong will be cleaned. We already mentioned the alcohol, but there are some much better alternatives especially designed for glass bongs. Also, don’t rush when you are cleaning it. The process should last at least 30 minutes, depending on how dirty the bong is.



The simple answer is that premium products can be used for a longer time without cleaning, but it is never recommended to keep using a glass bong where the glass changes color. Using a cheap model can be struggling since you will have to clean it even after one use, and that can a problem for those who prefer enjoying smoking several times a day.

On the other side, premium glass models will serve you for a couple of days even if you are smoking more frequently. However, keep in mind to change the water all the time since it can get dirty very fast. Another advantage of premium items is that the cleaning process will be much easier, even when you leave it in bad condition for a longer time.

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