8 Romantic Movies That Are Perfect to Watch on a First Date

Coming up with a perfect plan for a first date has never been easy, especially if you are a perfectionist who cannot be satisfied that easily. Unquestionably, some aspects, actually crucial ones about your first special meeting with your potentially special someone, cannot be handled. When we say that, we think about chemistry. Still, to heat the atmosphere and light the fire, some things work better than others. Throwing up a movie night backed up by a thoughtfully arranged playlist sounds just like the doctor ordered. Therefore, we suggest you go through the lines below and consider a handful of romantic movies that are perfect to watch on a first date and pick your favorite.

1. The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

An overwhelming majority of individuals think they know what works best for them, even though they might not have the answer for everything that troubles them. When you find someone to share the burden with, not only does the journey make more sense, but it also becomes an adventure.

Precisely that is what you will learn from this romantic, yet non-binding piece led by a couple of teens trapped in a forever-repeating loophole. The screenplay is full of lively colors that match the feeling you will get during the experience, which makes it an ideal pick for the special date.

2. Love Actually

Christmas movies are not solely made to enhance the holiday season, moreover, their potential surpasses any specific time of the year. On the other hand, some pieces are crafted in a way that they must make you feel good about yourself and those around you. The chances you have already watched this all-time classic are major, so if you belong to a minority that has not, your next first date would be an ideal opportunity to correct the mistake.

His Royal Romantic Comedy Highness, Mr. Hugh Grant, plays one of the leading roles in the headline, so you do not have to worry about having a long laugh due to a patented British charming humor this guy built his career on.

3. Amelie

You do not have to speak French to enjoy this piece of art since the soundtrack should work equally fine when a first date movie night is in question. Surely, subtitles should help you enjoy this one-of-a-kind European masterpiece even more especially if you consider the title has about 60 rewards from numerous festivals.

We are aware that having your first date at a restaurant in Paris would be ideal but if you lack the time or funds to travel abroad, mademoiselle Poulain will make sure you have an experience as similar to the real deal as possible. The rest of your job responsibilities would include purchasing a bottle of quality French wine and enjoining the evening. As for the movie, click to watch here.

4. Fantastic Mr. Fox

A cartoon is always a good choice, but not every animated movie would cause the same effect. Considering you have solely one chance to make the first date experience memorable and you want to throw a movie night, we suggest you go for Mr. Fox and his company’s incident with a local farmer.

Any movie directed by Wes Anderson should be rated as perfect for a date night, thus, if you want both to make a positive first impression and enjoy your time with special someone, we propose you place your hopes in this screen adaptation of Roald Dahl’s novel. The chances you are going to watch it a few times are major, since the plot and the characters are craving for viewers’ attention and make them crave for the sequel.

5. 50 First Dates

Finding a special someone is difficult in itself, but imagine how hard it would be if you had to repeat the experience at least 50 times! Fortunately, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have done the hard work for you so all you need to ensure is to have your date, the popcorn, and some refreshments ready.

Another classic that should have you stick to the screen from the beginning to the end credits, so we dare not to spoil the experience by hinting to you about the most interesting details. On the other hand, we can promise you will have a good laugh and ask yourself what you would be ready to go through if you really, really cared about someone.

6. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

You either love what Michael Cera does, or you hate it. In a nutshell, it is hard not to pick a side when this actor is in question. Since we believe his ability to represent an underdog who always finds a way to beat the odds is unique, we suggest you give this piece a chance.

What awaits a modern dater is what you will find thanks to Scott Pilgrim and his journey through the fantasy world we all can relate to.

7. P. S. I Love You

If you want to bring up your emotional side on the first date, you should consider P. S. I Love You, even though the headline might not be as appropriate for the occasion as one would expect. The movie talks about the meaning of true love and that the connection with someone does not have to break if they are not around us anymore.

The soundtrack should additionally enhance the experience especially if you are familiar with the sound of the Pogues and their uncompromised potential of making one’s skin crawls with emotion.

8. Mr. & Ms. Smith

At the time when this action-romantic blockbuster was made, Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie were considered to be one of the most popular names in Hollywood. They actually started their romantic adventure on the set, thus, if you want to spend some time analyzing what brought them together with your date, we suggest you give it a chance!

Hopefully, some of the titles from the aforementioned list have tickled your imagination and given you some material to spend a quality evening with your special someone. Remember that you only have one chance to have a first date, so assess your options thoroughly before picking your favorite. Also, we recommend you to think of the propositions from the lines above as your assistants since you should be in charge of the rest of the journey.

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