3 Tips for Choosing the Right Size for your First Fish Tank

There are things that should not exceed their proper size. And who will determine that? There are various factors. Getting a proper size of aquarium is just like you get the proper size of your clothes. If it is too small, it will disappear from your big lounge. Likewise, if you have a small apartment, a bigger fish tank will be hideous.

That is why, before you buy the tan, you should check out various aspects. For example, you have to look for the fish type you like. Moreover, the size of your room or apartment. The type of tank that you want. All these are important aspects to consider before buying a fish-tank.

There are various sizes available in the market. You can easily buy them, therefore, no need to worry about the size. You can click here to look for the best fish tanks to choose from. This will be of great help to you. You can choose the one that satisfies your needs and space.

Here are some of the tips that you can choose to get yourself a suitable aquarium.

1. The number of fish you want


One of the simplest ways to determine the right size is to use 1 gallon of water for 1 fish. So according to this rule, if you want to keep 5 fishes, the tank should have a holding capacity of 5 gallons of water.

However, this rule is not so simple. Why? Because we cannot categorize fish accordingly. For example, you want to keep a bigger size fish and not the minute ones. 1-gallon water would be enough for a small fish but not the bigger one.

Likewise, the shape of the tank is also of great importance. For example, if the aquarium has an elongated shape, 1 gallon would fill it to a higher point. However, if it is wide and has a broad base, 1 gallon would be too little even for small fish. Therefore, you can use this technique to a smaller level.

2. The fish type you want to keep


If you want to keep smaller and miniature fish, then a 5-gallon aquarium would be fine for 5. However, if you want to keep a mix in your aquarium, then leave 5 gallons for the bigger ones. So this would be 5 gallons for 1 big fish, 2 to 3 gallons for a medium-size fish and 2 gallons for 2 smaller fish. Thus, you will need a tank of 10-gallon water storage capacity.

Likewise, if you want to increase the number of bigger fish, you will need to increase the tank size. With every extra fish, you will need to increase the tank capacity.

It is not about the space for the pet but also the environmental, saline and oxygen requirements. You need to keep the space comfortable for the fish to live peacefully. The space should be enough for it to move freely.

3. The size of your room


Where do you want to keep the aquarium? Do you have enough space for that? If you are living in a smaller apartment, there is no need to get yourself into trouble. It is best to get a fishbowl and keep one or two in the bowl.

But if you have enough space to keep a 10 or 20-gallon aquarium, you can keep that too. Accommodate the fish according to aquarium capacity. If you can manage a bigger aquarium, you can keep any fish you want. However, not the big ones that we see in oceans.

Different Species and their space requirements


1. Neon Tetra

This is one of the medium size pet fish. The individual water requirement is 5 gallons. So when you want to keep a school of them, a 15-gallon aquarium would be sufficient for them.

2. Guppies

They also need 5 gallons of water for an individual fish. However, if you want to keep a group of Guppies, you will need a 20-gallon aquarium.

3. Green Chromis

If you are planning to get some green Chromis then the minimum size for an individual fish is 10 gallons. The maximum recommended size is 40 gallons for a few of them.

4. Common Clownfish


The water capacity for an individual organism of Common clownish is also 10 gallons. However, when it comes to a school tank, the maximum size should be 60 gallons.

5. Royal Gramma

They are quite big in size and therefore, the recommended water requirement for an individual is 30 gallons. This will provide it with enough space to roam and move and a suitable living environment. So when it comes to a group of Royal Gramma, you should keep an aquarium of 100-gallon water-keeping capacity.

6. Oscar

These are some of the biggest fish species that you can keep in your aquarium. The water space requirement for an individual Oscar is 60 gallons. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep a pair or a few of them. Even for the school of Oscars, you will need a 150-gallon capacity aquarium.

Things you should avoid as a beginner


If you are only getting into the aquariums and fish tanks, there are a few mistakes that you are likely to make.

  1. Do not get a starter size. This is for keeping small fish and an individual or a pair. Always, get the size that you need according to your requirements.
  2. Bigger tanks are not problematic therefore, even if you get a somewhat bigger size, you won’t suffer. However, a smaller size would cause issues when you keep a bigger species.

The most suitable size

Getting a bigger tank than the standards is always the best choice. This will also allow the fish to flourish and remain healthy. More water in the aquarium means more oxygen and less pollution. Thus, a large room is recommended.

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