Reviewing and Editing Your Guest Book

Many Web sites include a guest book, and visitors are asked to sign it when they visit the site. If you choose the guest book option when you create your home page, or add the guest book option to your home page later, a link to your guest book appears on your home page. Visitors click the link to view or sign the guest book.

To view your guest book

  1. In Personal Web Manager, click the Web Site icon.
  2. In the Web Site panel, click the View you guest book link. A query form is displayed.
  3. To view the entire list of guests, click Show All.


    To sort your guest book entries, select the relationships, type the values to match in the boxes, and then click Execute Query.

    Tip   Clicking on a column header sorts the display by that header.

  4. Click a guest book entry link to see the contents of the entry.

To delete a guest book entry

  1. Open the guest book entry by clicking its link.
  2. With the guest book entry open, click Delete.

    Note   Deleting an entry cannot be undone.

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