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Wouldn’t it be nice to have your Internet Explorer History ( a record of the sites you visited) condensed neatly into a format that you can review and understand? Well History Book for Internet Explorer 5.x does just that and maybe a little more, and more over, it’s free! History Book for Internet Explorer reads all the URL information in the Internet Explorer history database and then creates an HTML file which includes descriptions and URL links of your past visits. Click here for a sample. This program is both a very unique and useful tool.

A similar program was released by Wolfgang Baudisch,  “History Reader for Internet Explorer”, however it is not free, it’s $50.00, and it doesn’t create and convert the URL links into an HTML file. This output file is very useful for Internet Explorer users.

Program use:

  1. Just double-click “hist2html.exe”.
  2. Click “Start”.
  3. Wait approximately a minute.
  4. The program has created an output file in the form of an HTML page.

Program Name: History Book for Internet Explorer Version: 1.0 File Size: 9 Kb Release Date: 09/22/00 License: Freeware Operating Systems Supported: Windows 95/98 Software Requirements: Internet Explorer 5.x, VB6 Runtime Files

Notes: This version does not support Windows NT/2000.

Download: History Book for Internet Explorer (hist2html.zip[9KB])

Screen Shot Sample of HTML Output


The similar program mentioned above can be found at: (Shareware $50)
Home Page of History Reader for Internet Explorer 5 by Wolfgang Baudisch

History Book for Internet Explorer 5.x is a Copyrighted product of Mozartjp.

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