Why you Should Buy Sweatpants and the Best Brands that Sell Them

It is a key piece this season and you can get more out of it than you think if you know how to combine it.

Athleisure fashion is possibly the most sustained trend in the menswear universe in the decade we just left behind. This taste for introducing once exclusively sporty elements into the urban male wardrobe marks the collections of the main brands, both luxury and so-called “low cost”. It doesn’t take much searching to find evidence: fleece is one of the season’s items, sneakers are the dominant footwear, and joggers are much more than a passing trend. In short, it is a contemporary staple that is delivered to customers through

The sweatpants of a lifetime have always been there, but it is true that they were only used for sports or, at most, to go out for a weekend walk in the morning. It was not until 2010 when he made the leap to urban fashion as an alternative to jeans and other comfortable pants and since then men have not stopped adding to the cause who see him favorably in contexts far from gyms and sports clubs. Even some critics have ended up accepting that comfort does not win any to this garment.

Maximum comfort


If you have not yet fallen into the nets of the jogger, it will not be because you lack arguments for it. Of course, the level of comfort that it offers to the wearer is unsurpassed, not even equaled by garments considered comfortable, such as jeans or cargo pants, which also have their share of prominence in the men’s dressing room of this time.

Tracksuit pants can be the most versatile

But it is that, in addition, the jogger is not only cotton pants with elastic waist and hems that are tied with a drawstring at the waist. The firms have understood the path that this garment had in a social context like the current one, where they do not want to give up relaxed dressing at all, and that is why they expanded the concept of joggers to slightly more formal-looking pants with the intention of conquering masculine style dominated by jeans and chinos.

And what if they succeeded. They put on the market a kind of textile trompe l’oeil, in the style of those sports shoes that pretended to be shoes, but with much better results than those shoes of doubtful taste. And it is that the drawstring, the waist and the elastic hem work well, surprisingly well even, in designs far from the classic concept of jogger, the most “chandalero”, said in a vulgar but understandable way for everyone.

Territories to explore


Another compelling reason to bet on joggers is that they bring a joy and variety to the men’s wardrobe that it has been asking for a long time, since in many cases it sinks in immobility and monotony. It’s time to break that infinite loop of jeans and chinos, and the jogger is the ideal candidate to do it in style.

In addition, their versatility is outstanding because they accept any type of footwear, especially those that are worn the most today, such as sports shoes of all kinds and boots with laces, both military and trekking inspiration, and also with multiple garments. For the upper body with basic t-shirts; with over shirt; with a shirt on the inside or looser and on the outside, in a relaxed key; with sweater; and, of course, with a sweatshirt. Does not matter. They do not fail in any case as long as you know how to integrate it into your personal style and by doing so you feel that it is a garment that belongs to you, not that it gives you the feeling when looking in the mirror that that person you see is not you. If it happens to you, then they are not for you and you don’t have to think about it anymore. May those who do feel comfortable wearing them enjoy them?

Maybe yours are the ones known as drawstring trousers, the intermediate step taken from the jogger by the elastic waist with a drawstring but not it’s other fundamental characteristic, the elastic hems that are close to the ankle. They are not the same, although it is common for men’s fashion houses to include both types of pants within the same category in their online catalogs – it is convenient to know so as not to go crazy looking. They may seem very similar, but in the visual comparison the nuance is appreciated at first glance.

Where to buy them


A time has come when the popularity of the jogger is such that it is already very difficult not to find a design in almost all luxury fashion firms – also in the most economical ones, which are inspired, among other details, by the proposals of the brands of the most exclusive sector.

If you are going to start in

The universe of sweatpants, our recommendation is to do it precisely because of that comfortable version of the chino with an elastic waist and drawstring, the drawstring trousers, and from there make the leap to a design that also incorporates elastic hems.

Luxury brands have surrendered to these pants

There are versions available, one or the other, in all the classic color palette of the pleated trousers; from navy blue to beige, through all earth tones and grays. But in the case of pure joggers, the color proposal expands towards more striking tones – pink, green, light blue, etc.-, typical of purely sportswear.

The luxury brands that lead the bet on sports fashion. In the case of drawstring trousers, there are still more firms that design them for that extra formality that their designs have. So you can choose easily according to your taste. As they are given the variety of sweatpants and have diversity in their products according to the taste of their customers.

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