How One Can Easily Repair Cracked Window-Pane Glass Without Any Replacement?

Window-pane glass cracking can happen due to various natural or accidental reasons. The purpose of installing windows in a house or office is to regulate the temperature. If your place has a worse climatic condition, you can stay comfortably inside. But what if the window glass gets broken?

Undoubtedly, it can affect the inside temperature and make your stay uncomfortable. Whenever you observe any cracked glass, it is necessary to fix it as early as possible. Now, you may be wondering if replacing the old window pane glass can be the perfect solution.

But unfortunately, it is an expensive solution, and not everyone can afford it. In the following write-up, we will discuss various ways through which you can repair the cracked windows glass without spending much money. Instead of replacing, there are various methods to repair the cracked window glass.


What One Must Consider Before Repairing the Window-Pane Glass?

Before you start doing the repairing job yourself, ensure you understand what crack type is happening to the window-pane glass. When you are good at analyzing the crack type, it will be easy to pick the right solution for repairing the issue. You should know the reasons for the glass breakage of your house windows.

Before you do anything, measure the length, depth, and width. If possible, remove the window-pane glass in case it is severely broken. The replacement can be the perfect option in that case.

Different Window-Pane Glass Breakage


1. Stress

Thin and small cracks initially can happen due to stress. It mostly appears near the window-pane edges. With time, the crack expands and becomes so large that one cannot fix them by DIY methods. These breakages can happen because of the change in temperature. It is necessary to maintain the temperature to avoid these cracks.

Suppose there is cold outside; one has to enhance the warmness inside the house. When the temperature is regulated, one can prevent these stress-based cracks. If you slam the window pane too hard, it also causes glass stress. If you keep doing the same thing repeatedly, you must spend more on expensive repairs.

2. Pressure

It is another standard crack type that one may observe in the window glass. Generally, it happens in windows with double panes or insulated glass. If you live in a place with extreme weather changes, you may observe these cracks. The extreme weather causes intense pressure to break the glass.

It is also possible to install the windows at a great or lower height. When the glass is unable to withstand the entire pressure and it breaks. This type is easy to recognize because the windows glass breaks in a curve. In many cases, you need window replacement immediately.

3. Impact Causing Cracks

When any object hits the glass, then it causes impact-like cracks. If kids in your neighborhood play with the ball and hit the pane by mistake, it can easily crack the glass of windows. One can easily determine the pattern of the breakage that happens due to the collision. You must replace the glass as it is quite complicated to fix manually.

Is There a Possibility of Fixing the Broken Glass?


Through many possible ways, you can easily fix the cracked window-pane glass. Instead of replacing, you must go for the fixing option. The solutions are quite affordable and easy to do for anyone. It is necessary to detect the breakage before it grows large. Once you observe them, an instant repair can solve all your problems.

Temporary Solutions

1. Masking Tape

If you want to repair the window-pane glass temporarily, you must use the masking tape and paste that tape on every side. It helps in keeping the glass tightly intact, and there is no risk of water leakage. You must use the masking tape only when the crack is quite small and not too deep.

2. Glass Adhesives

You must use the commonly available glass adhesives for proper fixing of the broken window-pane glass. Ensure that you properly clean the breakage area to remove dirt. After that, you must apply the adhesive to avoid gapping caused by cracks. After one applies the layer of epoxy adhesive, one must cover it with tape. The removal of tape must be done after the adhesive dries.

3. Cover Made with Thick Plastic

If one does not find the above solutions appropriate, one can use this temporary solution. Due to glass cracks, any bug can easily enter your house and cause health issues. You can shut the passage by covering it using a thick cover made up of plastic. You can also use a curtain, a plastic bag, or anything suitable for you.

Permanent Solutions


If the crack size is large and you want to fix it yourself, then you can easily use the permanent solution. You can easily use the common epoxy adhesive that acts as a sealant instead of replacing the window. You need to follow some steps:

  1. Clean the window-pane glass crack by using a cloth made up of microfiber, liquid soap, and water to remove dirt.
  2. Now, mix the durable epoxy adhesive with resin to make it hard.
  3. Apply the epoxy mixture after thickening with a knife over the breakage.
  4. Keep it as it is for three to four minutes for drying up.
  5. Now, clean the excessive epoxy by using cloth and acetone and leave it as it is for at least 24 hours.
  6. Operate the cleaner for glass for polishing and cleaning.

What is the Cost of Repairing Broken Window Glass?

When it comes to calculating the cost of properly fixing the broken glass, it depends on various factors. It involves the glass type, size, crack depth, professional help, etc. One cannot estimate the cost by himself. It is better to consult an expert like or anyone with enough experience in analyzing and properly fixing the window-pane glass.

The Bottom Line

Many possible ways are available for fixing the window-pane cracked glass. You must analyze the breakage type and choose any temporary or permanent solution. You can easily save a lot of money if you do everything yourself without any professional help.

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