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Twinkle Khanna  Bio

He is an Indian writer, columnist, film producer, former film actress, and interior designer. Her latest book, Pajamas Forgive (2018), made her the best-selling female writer in India in 2018. Her previous two books, Mrs. Funny Bones, and The Legend of Lakshmi Prasada were bestsellers.

The actress and writer were born in 1974 in Mumbai, in the family of actors Dimple Kapadia and Ramesh Khanna. She has a younger sister, Rinke, who also became an actress


Twinkle made her film debut in Rajkumar Santoshi’s “Rainy Season” (1995). Her shooting partner was the famous Bobby Deol. The whole team made an excellent romantic comedy, which deserved the love and recognition of the audience. In the rainy year, Rainy Season became one of the highest-grossing films in India. And Khanna received a Filmfare prize for her best female debut for her work.

The following year, she starred in Raj Kanwar’s action movie “The Soul” and Raj Kanwar’s drama “Your Heart Has Crazed,” along with Ajay Devgn and Saif Ali Khan, respectively. The painting “Soul” was also very popular and brought creators and actors great profit. And the second film was much weaker and had no such success.

However, critics wrote about Twinkle that she was flawless in both paintings. She was called not like the rest of the Indian actresses because of her original manner of playing and also because in each film she was very different.

Another successful film for the actress was the melodrama directed by Deepak Sarin “When You Fall in Love” (1998). Moreover, her partner was a real macho, the star of Indian films Salman Khan. However, the matter is not only in appearance – he is an excellent artist. They say about such that when you are on the same platform with such an actor, it is impossible to play badly. Probably the combination of the Twinkle and Salman talent brought the following result: the film was received very warmly by both the audience and critics.

After this success in the filmography of the actress, several films appeared that did not have such success, but still they had their own audience.

In one interview, Twinkle said that she was always lucky with the filming partners, and she gladly recalls working with Akshay Kumar, Daggubati Venkatesh, Saif Ali Khan. And in the film “Fatal Holiday” (2000), she starred with two brothers-actors: Faisal Khan and Aamir Khan. The story of a girl who decided to avenge the death of her brother touched the hearts of many viewers.  

The last film in the career of the actress was the melodramatic comedy “For the Love” (2001). After this film, she stopped acting, saying that the career of the actress is no longer of interest to her, and she plans to do another thing.

The best film in the portfolio of the actress considers the picture “Badshah” (1999). The comedy with elements of action and crime was to the taste of the audience of many countries. Despite the fact that the main character Badshah at the very beginning of the film finds himself in an unpleasant situation, this plot does not burden, because the resourceful guy traces all his enemies around the finger. The director managed to assemble a truly stellar cast on the set: actors Rakhi Guzlara, Shah Rukh Khan, Twinkle Khanna, Amrish Puri, Johnny Lever, Prema Chopra, and others.

Design career

After Twinkle left the film industry, her biography underwent major changes. She was engaged in various matters: helping her father in his political career was a member of the panel of judges in Femina Miss India. And in February 2001 she made her debut in the theater in the play “Feroz Khan”.

Then Khanna decided to do interior design, and in 2002 opened her own store in Mumbai under the name “White Window”. She made this project in collaboration with her longtime friend Gurlyayn Manchanda. Since then, this salon has served many eminent customers, and once he received the international design award Elle Decor.

Twinkle’s business as a designer developed successfully, and soon she opened another salon in another area of ​​Mumbai. And all this happened despite the fact that she does not have a designer education. But there is a taste and style that she has from birth. True, for two years, Khanna took personal lessons from celebrities in design, and this further convinced her that she wanted to do this.

As proof that Twinkle took place as a designer, orders from famous people. For example, she made interiors for the houses of Rani Mukherjee, the houses of Remma Sen and Taboo, the apartments of Bandra Karina Kapoor, as well as the design studio Poonam Bajaj. At the request of one of the clients, she asked the company to make a golden toilet seat.

Khanna also developed the ORB Supertech project in Noida and another plan for a residential quarter in Pune. These were very expensive projects – it was about millions of pounds.

The former actress is also a mentor at the Academy of Interior at the International Institute for Fashion Design and co-founder of Grazing Goat Pictures.

However, Twinkle also did not forget the movie, and when she was offered to become a co-producer, she willingly agreed. Now in her filmography, there are also producer projects: the paintings “King of Deception” (2010), “Thank you” (2011), “Player” (2012), and “Padman” (2018).

Twinkle Khanna is also a popular columnist for the Daily News and Analyst and Times of India. And her books are sold in huge editions, not only in India.

Personal life

In 2001, Twinkle became the wife of actor Akshay Kumar. They met when the actress was at a photoshoot for Filmfare magazine. The actors met for a while and then decided to start a family. Many people attribute this fact to Twinkle’s departure from the cinema. The spouses have a son Aarav and a daughter Nitara.

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