Publishing Documents on Your Site

You can make documents available to visitors in several ways. You can use the publishing wizard to place a read-only copy of the document in the Webpub directory and automatically add a link on your home page to the document. You can also use Windows Explorer to place documents in the home directory or in a subdirectory of the home directory and use the home page wizard to add links to the files on your home page. If you are publishing a large number of documents that already reside in one folder outside your home directory, you may want to make the directory a virtual publishing directory and publish the documents directly from their present location.

To publish files using the publishing wizard

  1. Double-click the Publish icon on the Personal Web Manager sidebar.
  2. Follow the directions on screen to automatically place a copy of the file in the Webpub directory and add a descriptive link to your home page.

    Note   You can easily refresh the copy of the file created in the Webpub directory by using the refresh option in the publishing wizard. You can also edit the file description at a later time.


    You can drag-and-drop a file on the Publish icon on the desktop or on the Personal Web Manager sidebar to launch the publishing wizard and publish the file. You can also right-click a file, click Send to, and click Personal Web Server to publish a file.

To place documents in the home directory

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Copy or move the documents to the C:\Inetpub\Wwwroot directory, or to the directory you have designated as the home directory.

    Note   Once documents are in the home directory, you must provide a way for visitors to navigate to the documents. You can provide links from your home pages to the documents, or use directory browsing.

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