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5 Best Products to Buy Before Adopting a Cat

You have decided that you want a cat and you would surely be supported by the millions of people in the world who have that animal as a pet. Also, congratulations on deciding to adopt the cat, because it is a very humane move. There are so many cats in shelters and an uncertain future awaits them if someone like you does not come and adopt them.

However, you should keep in mind that this is a new member of your family and a living being, not a new toy. That’s why you need to provide many things before heading to the shelter to adopt a kitten or cat and bring it home. The animal will have many different needs, especially when it comes to kittens. Then it’s like you are bringing a child to your home. To avoid doing everything in a hurry when the cat arrives at your house, we advise you to buy everything you need for the kitten or at least the essential things, a few days in advance. If you had a cat before, then you know things which are necessary to be bought. However, if this is your first time then you need our tips on what best products to buy before adopting a cat. Visit here to learn how to adopt a cat for free.

1. Carrier

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Certainly, the first thing you need to buy is a carrier. You’ve probably seen what a cat carrier looks like and you will need the carrier to bring you a cat from the shelter. There are different types of carriers, and they differ the most in terms of whether it is a top-loading model or one where you use the door to put the cat inside. In general, top-loading models are more recommended, because it is easier to put the cat that way and take it out, and it is also less stressful. This is especially important if you are adopting an adult cat, as it can become anxious and aggressive. If it is a kitten, then both types of carriers are suitable.

Of course, it is important to have as much air inside as possible. If you want to further calm your new cat, you can spray inside a special type of spray that releasing comforting pheromones and so the cat feels like it is in a family environment. If you have ever had a cat and therefore have a carrier, be sure to wash it well, because your new cat will not like it at all if smells another cat. Then it will probably fight very hard against getting into the carrier.

2. Litter box

You want to provide your cat with a restroom to use in the house so that it feels comfortable and also makes it easier for you to clean up afterward. There is a very large selection of shapes and sizes, so you need to consider which one to buy, not just buy the first one you come across.

There are traditional litter boxes, but there are also various new models. For example, there is a self-cleaning litter box that makes the cleaning process much easier for you, but it is also very expensive. Cats can also be scared of the mechanism. And once they get scared, they won’t want to use it anymore. You should definitely consider what would suit your cat best. Many people also pay attention to the fact that the litter box fits into the aesthetics of the room, so there are models that are plant hidden for example.

In any case, do not make this decision easily, but analyze all the factors that will influence you to buy the best possible. This site will help you a lot in your search for the right one.

3. Bowls

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Your cat must have bowls from which to eat and drink water. Since they don’t like to mix water and food, be sure to buy two bowls so you can separate their food and water. The shape you choose, whichever seems easiest to clean. Of course, the size should depend on the age of the cat. If you are going to adopt kittens, you must first buy smaller bowls and later you will buy larger ones. We have another tip for you. The bottom should be weighed so that the cat does not spill food or water, because then you will have to clean what was spilled.

4. Bed

Many choose not to buy a bed because cats will often fall asleep in a completely random place anyway. However, we recommend that you buy a bed, because if a cat gets used to sleeping there from an early age, then it will very rarely sleep elsewhere. Cats love the feeling of security and being surrounded when they sleep, so buy enclosed beds. There are different shapes and sizes, and where you will locate it is up to you to decide. If you notice that the cat is not staying in bed, it may not like the location. So pay attention to where it normally sleeps, then move the bed to that place.

5. Toys

Cats love to play, so have at least a few toys waiting for them in the house. Toys like fishing poles and different types of balls will be very interesting to cat and it will also be your bonding time. If you have more money, you can also buy cat furniture that will give it endless fun because it will have a place to climb, which is a favorite activity of cats. It is especially important to have that type of furniture if it is exclusively indoors, otherwise, it will satisfy its desire to climb on your furniture and curtains. A scratching post is another thing you need to buy to preserve your furniture.


Here are 5 basic products you should have when you welcome a cat into your home. Of course, you will also buy specialized food according to the age of the animal. We also recommend the collar and ID tag, because even though you plan to always be in your house, you never know when it may run away. And only if it has a collar and ID tag will you be able to find it.

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