Type: External (3.0 and later)


GRAFTABL [(code page)] GRAFTABL [/status]

Purpose: Loads a table of character data into memory (used with color/graphics adapters). (In DOS Version 6, this program is stored on the DOS supplemental disk.)


Used to load the table of displayable characters to those appropriate for the specified country (when in graphics mode using a color/graphics adapter). After using this command, the ASCII characters 128 through 255 can be displayed in graphics mode with a color/graphics adapter. The normal code page is set for the United States with versions of MS-DOS sold in the U.S. Using the GRAFTABL command reduces the amount of available memory by 1360 bytes. Using the GRAFTABL command resets the ERRORLEVEL code according to the following table: 0 Code page now resident; no previous code page was set. 1 If a new code page was specified, it is now resident. There was a code page table previously loaded; it was replaced by the current request. 2 No code page table was previously loaded; no new table loaded. 3 Incorrect parameter; no new table loaded. 4 Incorrect version of DOS; DOS Version 3.30 required.


code page The available code pages and related countries are: 437 United States 860 Portugal 863 Canada (French) 865 Norway and Denmark /status – Displays the number of the currently selected code page.


To load the GRAFTABL for Canada, enter graftabl 863

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