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3 Tips for Preventing Common Cat Injuries

Did you know that cats are the second most popular pet in the US? You’re probably quite happy with your furry friend if you own a cat. However, many cat owners are shocked to know that cats also suffer from many common injuries. Most injuries are the result of accidents …

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3 Cat Behavior Issues And What To Do About Them

Cats are wonderful family pets, and many go their whole lives with few problems or behavioral challenges besides having a little bit of attitude. Other cats, however, regularly present vexing behavioral problems that can leave their owners frustrated – and if that sounds like your cat, you’re not alone. These …

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5 Best Products to Buy Before Adopting a Cat

You have decided that you want a cat and you would surely be supported by the millions of people in the world who have that animal as a pet. Also, congratulations on deciding to adopt the cat, because it is a very humane move. There are so many cats in …

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Does it Matter What Type of Cat Litter You Use?

When you decide to take a cat as a pet and let it live with you all the time, the first thing you have to think about is their toilet. Keep in mind that the cats want something that reminds them of soil and sand, so they can dig up …

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