5 Ways To Predict The Outcome Of An Online Pokie

Gambling is a popular pastime in Australia. People throughout the country can’t get enough of playing pokies online or at land-based casinos. Gambling is even more enticing to Australians because wins aren’t taxed because they’re considered luck-based rather than work-based. The pokie is the most popular game among Australians. The pokie is also known as the slot.

Keep reading to learn more about a few different ways to determine when a pokie machine is ready to play if you’re interested in learning more about them. It’s possible that some of these tactics will help you win more money.

1. Read Pattern


Humans are hardwired to notice patterns, but we’re not particularly adept at it. As previously stated, video pokie has no memory, and each video pokie turn is a completely random and unrelated event. Local gaming regulators have independent testing agencies that keep an eye on online casinos as well as pokie machines in bars and restaurants.

They ensure that video pokie produces fair results by requiring that payoff percentage be displayed on the machine. They also evaluate whether the real rewards match the RTP % of a pokie machine on a regular basis.

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2. Time The Machine

Another method of determining when the machine will strike the jackpot is to time it. Sit next to the machine and watch the reels spin if you’re playing in a land-based casino. Make sure you’re playing your machine while timing others who are close by. If you see that a particular machine is becoming increasingly popular, you should absolutely choose it.

It’s a good idea to sit down and place a wager if the machine hasn’t paid out yet. It’s also a good idea for players to look at the most recent winners on a certain machine. If the slot machine has recently paid out a large sum, you should surely wait a while before putting a bet.

3. RNG


The software that produces odd numbers from the rundown of numbers entered to address each reel stops in a gaming machine does precisely what its name suggests. The random number generator (RNG) continuously produces more than a hundred sets of numbers per second, even while the pokie machine is not in use.

Because of this, no two results on a pokie machine are reliant on one another. Anyone seated at a machine cannot guess which numbers the random number generator (RNG) will have generated when you press the spin button because the random number generator produces numbers continuously.

When you press the spin button, the computer captures the numbers the RNG created at that precise moment and converts them into a reel result. The RNG creates a separate set of numbers just before you press the button and another set just after.

The next number the pokie machine will select cannot be foreseen by anyone watching it. Because of this, a pokie machine is never “due” to hit the jackpot. The systems you find online will never function because of this as well.

4. Zigzag Approach

Some individuals think that the machine is prepared to pay out when three winning symbols are arranged in a zigzag fashion below or above the three symbols in the center. The fact that this tactic is so straightforward contributes to its appeal to you.

You will occasionally get things right and occasionally get them wrong. The truth is that whether or not there existed a zigzag pattern before the spin has no bearing on the results of the spin. Please feel free to apply this method if you’re looking for one that will boost your confidence while playing slots.

5. Gambler’s Fallacy


Many people experience what is known as the “gambler’s fallacy” when they bet. This leads to a widespread fallacy in the realm of pokie machines, where players believe they can foretell the results of video pokies or, at the very least, know which pokies will give them the best chance of winning.

For instance, some gamblers believe that if a casino game hasn’t paid out in a while, it must be a sign that a huge prize will eventually be awarded. After all, they can’t go any longer without a victory, can they?

The opposite is true as well. Some players claim that this type of pokie machine is “cold” or “unlucky” and should be avoided. They advise you to pick a pokie machine with high payouts. These are the types of gamblers who watch which pokies other gamblers are winning in a casino. When winners leave a particular spot, more players may often sit down because they believe it to be a good slot.

Both concepts are examples of the gambler’s fallacy and are utterly misguided and incorrect. The “Monte Carlo fallacy” is another name for it, and it refers to an occurrence that took place in Monaco’s Casino de Monte Carlo in 1913.

One of the longest streaks ever recorded involved 26 consecutive black spins at a roulette wheel. As more players placed their bets on red after the ball had landed on black ten times, the ball didn’t land on red as expected.


Since the casino always has the advantage in odds, it is impossible to anticipate a pokie’s outcome with 100% accuracy. However, a few strategies have allowed gamers to increase their profits when putting bets on pokie machines. There are no sure-winning strategies, but they might raise your chances of success.

Slot machine games can be played in a variety of ways. In the end, you will develop your own style while taking into account all of your strengths and weaknesses. But it wouldn’t hurt to acquire some fundamental guidelines and peruse winning-boosting suggestions before perfecting your skills.

Fortunately, you no longer need to visit Las Vegas. It has become simpler because of the booming markets for mobile slot machines and internet casinos. You have access to all of these entertaining games at your fingertips.

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