Unroot The Sources Of Pests From Your Home – Tips To Keep Your Home Clean And Pest-free

As per a recent paper published by the North Carolina State University, they extensively searched around 55 houses and found different forms of living and dead arthropods inside the homes. From samples taken from 305 families, they could identify around 579 forms of species. In fact, among the 555 rooms rummaged for the research, only 4 rooms were detected with no form of arthropods.

Hence, no biologist would be surprised to conclude that insects and pests have always been successful in invading homes. You’ll be rather amused to know that arthropods are the most diversified organisms on the planet.

Knowing your creepy ‘roomies’ better – What are the types?



According to the National Pest Management Association, termites can lead to damage of $5 billion to American properties. The worst part of the damage caused by termites is that this damage isn’t covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. Controlling termites isn’t something for amateurs; you need professional help to uproot their source. Hence, if you find termites in your living room, there’s never an excuse to call a pest control company like

Carpenter Ants


Carpenter ants are basic anatomical pests found in some states, like the Pacific Northwest. Although they don’t consume wood, yet their jaws are strong enough to hollow out for lumber or a solid pine to make galleries of the nest. Despite the fact that they don’t eat up wood, they are still deemed to be wood destroyers.

Powderpost Beetles


Powderpost beetles that belong to the subfamily Lyctinae are insects that create a ruckus for new homeowners. Lyctid beetles usually only attack hardwood and hence they don’t destroy your home. However, they can certainly infest flooring, doors, molding, cabinets, and furniture made of hardwood. Watch out for tiny round holes in the wood as these are signs of active infestations. Powderpost beetles are found in new homes that are made with lousy wood.

Mice And Rats


Mice and rats might not be insects but they are certainly one of the most damaging and unhygienic pests living in your house. Ignore these small creatures at your own risk. As per estimates by pest control experts, a single common mouse leaves back 3000 microdroplets of urine in a day. Their urine comprises viruses and bacteria wherever they travel. Their bigger cousins, the Norway rats, even leave behind feces and urine that contain pathogens that spread diseases like salmonella.

German Cockroach


German cockroaches, when infested in your home, are both hostile and obnoxious. Children and babies who grow up in rooms that are ravaged by German cockroaches are more vulnerable to asthma and allergies. The skin that they shed and their feces carry pathogens. German cockroaches need a serious cleaning and perfect use of baits. Once these two steps have been taken in a proper way, you can keep sprays ready for German cockroaches.

Tips and tricks for eliminating pests

Though the best method of eliminating pests is by giving a call to a local pest control service, yet in order to get rid of them, you can educate yourself on the best pest control tricks to keep your house free of diseases.

1. Maintain a clean kitchen


Pests bloom in a wet and dirty atmosphere. So, if you have to stay away from pest infestation, you need to keep the kitchen counters, stove-top, racks, and drawers clean. Use a disinfectant cleaner regularly. In case there are food leftovers lying outside, they will lure insects. This tip won’t directly abolish your pest infestation issues but it will certainly diminish the total number of pests in your house.

2. Don’t let water stand in one place

Stagnant water is home to pets like mosquitoes. Hence, you have to make sure that the area around your house is clean enough and that the drains are not overflowing. Stagnant water lying inside the drains can be a breeding point for mosquitoes and diseases like malaria and dengue (both mosquito-borne). Buckets placed in your bathroom should be kept dry when not in use. In short, keep inspecting to ensure there’s no stagnant water anywhere, both inside and outside your house.

3. Keep the bathroom clean and hygienic


Pest control tips that are tailored towards apartments won’t ask you to maintain a clean bathroom. Bathrooms should be kept dry and clean. Clean the pot on alternate days with the help of a toilet cleaner. The sink needs to be washed at least once a week with a strong cleaner. The drain of the bathroom shouldn’t be clogged with soap particles or hair. Taking such small measures will ensure a hygienic bathroom.

4. Dispose of filth and dirt regularly

Homeowners often wonder about the cleaning process of the kitchen post-pest control but this is something too easy. Disposal of garbage and dirt is the key. In an ideal situation, garbage should be eliminated daily as accumulating it day after day will attract rodents, rats, and cockroaches. Having rotten food particles everywhere in the house makes things worse as it spreads diseases among children and pets.

5. Apply net on windows


Apply net on your windows to forestall pests like spiders, mosquitoes, house flies, and bigger cockroaches from coming in. The nets not only assist you with proper ventilation but also helps prevent insects from entering your house. If the window panes are broken, mend them as soon as you can. Check the doors, the latches of windows and take every possible measure.

6. Get in touch with an expert pest control company

Since the above-listed tricks help in diminishing the total number of pest attacks in your home, you can plan to eliminate them for good by seeking professional help. Contact professionals who work locally in your area. They use verified disinfectants and chemicals to ensure 100% safety for your family.

So, if you don’t want to let in pests inside your home this summer and spring, follow the tips given above. The effective and simple solutions are handy whenever you face pesty issues.

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