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The following information has been provided so as to be of assistance to those individuals and technicians who are familiar with motherboards, motherboard jumper settings, their respective motherboard Bios’s and related Bios setup procedures.

It is recommended that:

  • You not make a Bios change, either updating to a new Bios or reverting to an older Bios unless you are certain that the change you will be making will correct a problem that is currently effecting the operation of your computer.

  • You do not make any Bios changes unless you are completely familiar with the Bios flash change process as well as any recovery process in the event the Bios flash change fails.

  • You do not change any of the Bios (CMOS) settings unless you have read all of the motherboard and Bios setup material and thoroughly understand the procedure.

For our Customers:

  • If you choose to flash update to a later Bios or revert to an older Bios version, and you do so without contacting our Technical Support Department, any remaining warranty will be voided.

  • Opening the Computer case without first having contacted our Technical Support Department is sufficient cause to void any remaining warranty.

The following information will assist you with Bios related issues, such as where to find motherboard support, discussions of various Bios features as well as their setup and beep codes. You should understand that while the basic principles are consistent from one bios to the next as to the meaning and setup of various parameters along with a Bios is changed or updated, each Bios is custom written by the Bios provider, AMI, Award, Phoenix etc., for the specific motherboard manufacturer. This customization or difference between motherboard manufacturers is sufficient to prevent us from posting a single “fits all” procedure for actually changing or flashing a Bios.

For information regarding:  
  Bios Basics
  ESCD ( Extended System Configuration Data )
  AMI Bios Setup Information
  How to Identify Motherboards with AMI Bios
  AMI Support Site
  Award Bios Setup Information
  Award Bios FAQ
  List of Motherboard Support Sites
  Bios Issues and Windows 2000

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