Display type has changed since last boot

Display type has changed since last boot

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Explanation: The BIOS POST has detected that the display type has changed since the last time the PC was booted (started), and there is a mismatch between the actual video card parameters and the settings for the video card in the BIOS CMOS memory.

Diagnosis: This is usually not a serious problem, however a notification that the video card has changed and no change has been made to the BIOS settings is an indicator that you should do some investigation. Most times this is merely a missed setting in the BIOS setup, however you may want to make sure there isn’t something more mysterious if all has been well for several weeks or months. Enter the BIOS settings and correct them and then monitor the system for a few days.


  • Enter the BIOS setup program and adjust the display type setting so it is correct.
  • If the display type is already set correctly, troubleshoot the video card.
  • Troubleshoot the motherboard’s BIOS and update if necessary.

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